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KynansMum replied to topic 12month and screams all night

Hi There, I am having similar problems with my son. He is 22 months old. He does go down alright. Sleeps for about an hour, then the constant waking starts. I must also mention, that we have tried...

Thursday 18 December 09:42am

KynansMum replied to topic Hope someone has some advice on sleeping problems.

Hi there! I cant offer any great wisdom, but I can relate to you. My son was doing the same thing, we did the controilled crying and that seemed to work, but then he got sick with tonsilitis really...

Thursday 18 December 09:26am

KynansMum started new topic Please help me! I am at my wits end... 2 year old wakes up to 10 times a night!

Hi, I am the mum of a 22 month old boy, who will not sleep through the night. He was going really well until june when he got tonsillitis really badly. We used to be able to do the controlled cryin...

Thursday 18 December 06:50am

KynansMum started new topic Baby Modelling?

Hi There all, I am a 33yo mum with a beautiful little 61/2 month old boy. I am doing some research on Baby modelling and would love to hear from anyone with some advice or experience? Cheers, Ky...

Sunday 09 September 04:08pm

KynansMum replied to topic hey im a newbie anyone like to chat

Hi There everyone, Well I think I am the oldest here so far... 33 this year with a beautiful 61/2 month old baby boy named Kynan. I wish all you expectant mum's the best and any first time mum's,...

Sunday 09 September 04:03pm

KynansMum replied to topic CIRCUMCISION yes or no ?

Hi Ladies, I have a 6 month old boy, and i agonised over the decision as to have it done or not. We both agreed after talking to friends, family and our three treating doctors, that we were not. Fo...

Wednesday 29 August 03:43pm
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