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paycyn started new topic 11 year old mean to younger sister

Can any one help me????? I have got 3 kids 11,6 and 20 months and My 11 year old daughter is always mean to her 6 yers old sister. Not just in fighting but my 6 year old can't do anything right if ...

Tuesday 03 April 03:14am

paycyn started new topic I.U.G.R

I am currently pregnant with my 4th child. My last 2 pregnancies I had I.U.G.R. My 2nd weighing 2.4 kg and my 3rd weighing 2.2 kg. What are my chances of this happening again? I always ate healthi...

Wednesday 28 February 02:20pm

paycyn replied to topic Mums in my situation plz help...

Hi, I can completely understand where u r coming from. My husband walked out on me I was pregnant with our 3rd child and instantly moved in with someone else. I was in oz but moved back to be wit...

Monday 25 September 03:27am

paycyn replied to topic recipes/good websites that involve recipes for people with cows milk allergies

I went through the same thing when my daughter was taken off dairy products to help her asthma (she was very sick with it at about 9 months) I found the best thing to do was to make everything. I b...

Thursday 29 April 10:20am

paycyn replied to topic Avent Bottle Warmer

I asked my friend today and she said that it takes about 5 minutes to warm up a bottle. You put water inside it and put in the bottle. I personnally used the microwave and gave the bottle a good sh...

Wednesday 28 January 02:34pm

paycyn replied to topic Baby monitor

I had a tomy that had a walk about bit for going outside and lights which are activated by sound and a night light on the end that is in the babies room which I found great for the night time feeds...

Wednesday 28 January 07:57am

paycyn replied to topic Avent Bottle Warmer

A friend of mine uses one for her daughter and swears by it. Not sure on how quick it heats but I wouldn't imadgine it would take too long when you have got a hungry baby waiting for her bottle tim...

Wednesday 28 January 07:55am

paycyn replied to topic Most indispensible baby accessories & Equipment

I found that I couldn't do without my portacot as my husband races and when we were at the track for long periods I would put my daughter to sleep in it with a cover on it and I would also use it a...

Wednesday 28 January 07:51am

paycyn replied to topic jolly jummpers and walkers

One of the mothers at my daughters school is a physio and thinks that jolly jumpers are fine for short periods. No longer than 15 minutes at a time. Jolly jumpers apprently can also be bad for thei...

Wednesday 28 January 07:47am

paycyn replied to topic how much weight did u guys gain?

Every body is different during pregnancy. With my first I put on 10 kilos and had a 7.6 pound baby and with my second I was really sick and lost 5 kilos in the first 3 wekks and then never put any ...

Tuesday 27 January 05:21pm

paycyn replied to topic Have other mum's found their 2nd labours to be better than their 1st?

I had a easy labour the second time. With my first it was just over 10 hours and 3 hours of that was pushing and with my secound it was just over 2 hours from the time my water broke to the time sh...

Tuesday 27 January 04:47pm

paycyn replied to topic Please Help!!

My mother in law didn't want to be called nanna or grandma either as she felt that she was too young to be called that so she chose Mema which is apparently african for nana. My father in law is ca...

Tuesday 27 January 04:42pm

paycyn replied to topic Kids and dogs

Hi, I am am a vet nurse and have 2 kids and a border collie that is 4 years old. She is execellent with the kids. For example yesterday my 3 yrs old was caught pulling on her ears and she did nothi...

Tuesday 27 January 01:52pm

paycyn replied to topic second time round

Hi, I would say have them close togehter. I have got a 5 year age gap between mine and they fight all the time. A very good friend of mine has got 4 kids and has an 8 year age gap between the 1st a...

Tuesday 27 January 01:40pm

paycyn replied to topic Young Mums

Hi, I am 26 now but I had a daughter when I was just 18 and another when I was 23 and I agree with you and I would never change a thing. The good things just keep on coming as they get older. I now...

Tuesday 27 January 01:34pm

paycyn replied to topic Toilet training nightmare!!

When I started training my first daughter I forced her to do it and (I thought that it would work) but it made her worse and I had constant accidents. I found that when I made no big deal out of ac...

Tuesday 27 January 01:25pm

paycyn replied to topic wanting to meet new mums

I am not a new mum I have 2 girls one who is 3 and the other is 8 but I am happy to chat with you. I am currently mixing study with working and looking after them and controlling my husband which i...

Tuesday 27 January 01:12pm
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