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ameet replied to topic In-laws, somebody help me please!!!

I live with my MIL. One thing i have found that works for me (after 2 kids) is to give the grandparents a bit of time with the kids. That is all they want. Before i would want to try and prove that...

Friday 23 April 07:45pm

ameet started new topic should i cut out the amount of milk he is drinking?

Raj is 6 1/2 months. He has been on solids since he was 4 months old and loved it until recently. He currently has a bottle at 6.30am and then rice cereal at 8.15am..At 10.30am he has another bottl...

Friday 23 April 07:06pm

ameet started new topic Controlled crying..what do you think?

My 5month old was a pretty good sleeper (well compared to what his 3year old brother Milan was). he was going to sleep between 8-8.30pm, then i would wake him for a feed at about 10-11pm and then h...

Monday 29 March 06:31pm

ameet started new topic Help!!! Toilet training not working with 3yr old

Hi All I have a 3 year old (Milan) who i have been trying to toilet training since January this year. I tried pull ups but found that this was still like wearing a nappy. I spoke to his childcare ...

Monday 29 March 05:51pm
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