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Melmas replied to topic Icons

Hi there, Go to item 21 on the help menu!

Wednesday 17 August 03:43am

Melmas started new topic Bonds Warehouse Sale

Hi all, I thought I'd let you know that the Bonds Warehouse is having a 25% off sale this Fri, Sat and Sun for Bonds card holders. If you don't have a card, I'm sure you can join up on the day...

Friday 05 August 04:29am

Melmas replied to topic Pains

Hi there, You'll probably find that you have tight glutes (the big muscles in your butt). The pain can be localised, or it can go down your legs and up into your back. Try and make time to get yo...

Thursday 04 August 01:49pm

Melmas replied to topic Waking up Wet !

Hi Mel, Check out this thread for some suggestions.... <a href=" Time Nappy Soaked...</a>.

Saturday 23 July 06:41pm

Melmas started new topic Bed Rails Question

Hi all, Just a quick question.... how long did you leave your bed rails on for your toddlers? Thanks!

Saturday 23 July 05:10am

Melmas replied to topic .....

Hi there, I don't know the meaning of Kaiden or Kaide, however Tiana is from Greek meaning "princess".

Sunday 10 July 12:18pm

Melmas replied to topic Fluoride suppliments when to give and where to buy

Hi Miracles, There was a thread that discussed flouride a little while ago - it may provide some of the info you need. <a href=" Post<...

Saturday 09 July 06:45pm

Melmas replied to topic Spewy baby!!! ARRRRH.....

Hi Mel2, My 2yo was like that. It really, REALLY gets to you at times. I could handle the fact that I had to change him so frequently, he had more clothes to put on, but as an adult I seriously ...

Saturday 02 July 04:26am

Melmas replied to topic Chick Peas, Lentils etc

Hi Karen, Yep, I tried the above - hommus, dahl etc. I used the canned ones or the bought hommus - I also introduced butter, kidney, refried beans etc and later used them in patties. As for wind...

Sunday 19 June 03:42pm

Melmas replied to topic Having Trouble going from Formula to Cows Milk

Hi Hayley, Check under this forum and this post "Struggling to introduce cows milk". When I introduced cows milk I also found the milk/water mix wasn't liked, however I did a milk/formula mix and ...

Saturday 18 June 04:42am

Melmas replied to topic Shortened Cervix

Hi there eggskaz, I found out I had a shortened cervix with my first at the 18 week scan. They asked questions like "did I feel I was going into labour", "any contractions" etc in which the answer...

Sunday 12 June 03:23am

Melmas replied to topic the Feeding dad

How long has has Kayden's Dad been trying to feed him? I went back to work when my first was 4.5 months old. He refused the bottle at the beginning, hubby just had to persist whilst I was not in ...

Sunday 29 May 10:14am

Melmas replied to topic start to lose hair

Hi Grace, Personally I wouldn't worry about the loss of your bubs hair. My eldest lost his hair and it grew back lighter and thicker. My youngest is in the process of hers falling out now (7 wee...

Sunday 29 May 06:54am

Melmas replied to topic Moxa Sticks

Hi Klaire, Have you tried purchasing the moxa sticks from a local acupuncturist?

Friday 29 April 05:11am

Melmas replied to topic Pimples

Hi there Belinda, Don't be too concerned - the pimples are hormone related and unfortunately last up to 3 months. I used to find with my little man that I would think that they were going away on...

Wednesday 20 April 02:06pm

Melmas replied to topic April 05 Babies...

Name: Asha Date of Birth: 8th April 2005 Birth Weight: 9lb 8oz Length: 52cm Head Circumference: 34cm Time of Birth: 10:44pm Hospital: Newcastle Private Asha graced us 5 days overdue (thank...

Tuesday 19 April 05:26am

Melmas replied to topic Giving Medicine - Help!

Hi Ladies, Thanks for your replies. Your info was greatly appreciated and welcomed! Regards, Mel

Wednesday 13 April 11:10am

Melmas started new topic Giving Medicine - Help!

Hi All, Just wondering if you had any more ideas on trying to encourage your toddler to take medicine? My little man has tonsilitis and has been prescribed Neurofen and antibiotics. No probs wit...

Saturday 09 April 11:31am

Melmas replied to topic Can you take anti-depressants while you are pregnant?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The best thing you can do is discuss your question with your Dr, chemist, or even the information line of the pharmaceutical company that should be on the packe...

Thursday 31 March 09:11am

Melmas replied to topic Smoking

Hi Carlamarie & Ando23, I have heard that the patches are not a viable option because they have such a high dose of nicotine that is released into your system constantly (which in worse for bub). ...

Thursday 31 March 09:02am
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