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moni started new topic broken day sleep

i have twin sons and they have been sleeping from 2 to 2 1/2 hours during the day. one of my sons was woken 1 1/2 hours into his sleep by my neighbour pulling down a shed. since that day he has w...

Wednesday 06 July 10:21am

moni started new topic 19month old crying when placed in bed

my son has just started to cry everytime i place him in his bed. he has his bottle (sometimes he falls asleep on the bottle) but as soon as i go to put him into bed he starts crying. i rub his ba...

Monday 20 June 10:02am

moni started new topic advice for my sister

my niece is 22 month old and will not drink milk. my sister tried her on cows milk at 12months of age and she would not have a bar of it so she continued with formula. until recently she was still...

Saturday 28 May 09:09am

moni replied to topic Has anyone noticed the change in quality of Huggies Nappies and Wipes??

i have to agree with you on the thinness of the whinnie the pooh nappies. i have found that my sons have had heaps of leakages with these nappies. to me they seem a lot flimsier than b4. i would...

Wednesday 18 May 10:18am

moni replied to topic Who cant you stand on TV?

i agree - justine from adelaide is such an airhead. i also cannot stand gretel - she is such a slag and also while im at it i hate david caruso from csi miami - the way he speaks gives me the s***...

Monday 09 May 04:44pm

moni replied to topic Happy Mothers Day

happy mothers day to you all. my little darlings decided to wake at 6am this morning - no matter i was awake myself from 5.30am anyway. my dh bought me some pjs from susans for mothers day (on be...

Monday 09 May 10:24am

moni replied to topic The movie game

kiss the girls

Sunday 24 April 10:08am

moni replied to topic The movie game

kiss the girl

Sunday 24 April 10:08am

moni replied to topic Me Too!!

me too - i have naturally curly hair

Sunday 24 April 10:06am

moni replied to topic mean cousin!

this is such a familiar situation. my niece's are exactly the same and to tell you the truth it gives me the pips, Their mum is always saying that all they want to do is hug my sons but it looks ...

Monday 11 April 09:22am

moni replied to topic what do you think of the Supernanny?

i have watched this show and think its great. My hubby and I have watched in horror as these kids fight, and scream abuse at their sibblings and parents and say oh my god i hope our boys dont turn...

Wednesday 06 April 10:36am

moni replied to topic Age when you have your first baby.

31 1/2 years of age with both 1 and 2 as they were twins....

Wednesday 06 April 10:32am

moni replied to topic Sleeping with nothing covered

my boys are both restless sleepers and are never covered for long. I put them in fleecy sleeping bags at night also. Im from SA and there is a shop here called Kids Shack. They sell sleeping bag...

Tuesday 05 April 09:59am

moni replied to topic TWINS>>>sleeping needs differednt

hi sue. i have twin boys and i have just recently cut them down to 1 sleep. they wake anywhere from 6am in the morning and are back into bed by 12pm. they generally sleep anywhere from 2hrs +....

Tuesday 05 April 09:49am

moni replied to topic Tell me about yourself (another game)

1/ i have twin sons 17months old 2/ live in unley

Tuesday 05 April 09:30am

moni replied to topic Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!

congratulations on the good news. you must be very excited.

Saturday 02 April 01:27pm

moni started new topic waking at night

i have twin sons 16 1/2 months old. On thursday b4 easter i changed them from 2 day sleeps to 1 day sleep. They now sleep approx 2- 2 1/2 hrs during the day. The problem is that they both seem t...

Wednesday 30 March 09:52am

moni replied to topic juice vs. soft drink

i had a patient once that couldnt understand why her child had sooooo much decay and he wouldnt sleep at night. she was giving him 2-3 600ml iced coffees a day. she thought that as long as he was...

Saturday 26 February 01:05pm

moni replied to topic my sons valentines gift to me

thanks guys for responding. i am so proud. he has been doing it more and more. then i guess i will have to wear my running shoes all the time. lol. just wait till alexander is walking and then ...

Saturday 19 February 08:58am

moni replied to topic Mums who love comping!

hi adelaideone my email is [email protected] hope to hear from you soon

Wednesday 16 February 08:29am
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