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saraht82 replied to topic Xmas pressies 2 yo boy?

toyworld have over 50% off thomas at the moment and you layby till xmas eve.

Friday 28 October 07:25am

saraht82 replied to topic Anyone familiar with Vuze?

I have found a site to just watch the movies on without having to download the whole movie so you dont use as much downloads. It has movies and tv shows. It It has all the movies that h...

Thursday 13 October 10:08pm

saraht82 replied to topic cat or dog

I love both and have both, but I love my cat more. My cat thinks he is a dog sometimes and if he is sitting on me and someone knocks on the door he growls like a dog. My dog is big and dopey but I ...

Wednesday 12 October 01:03am

saraht82 replied to topic back to school

Into the 2nd week here in WA as well. I was over the holidays the first day as dd1 and dd2 have fought constantly. lucky DD1 goes round to her friends house every couple of days so it get peaceful ...

Monday 10 October 10:38pm

saraht82 replied to topic Did you/Would you have your mother there for the birth??

I had my mum for dd1 birth. It wasnt planned but she took me and df to the hospital and ended up staying. I think I nearly broke her hand though when it came time to push. She was great cause me an...

Saturday 24 September 06:13am

saraht82 replied to topic did anyone watch

He only sees her for 3 hrs on a wednesday in a state facility. I read last night. Im glad he cant get any alone time with her.

Tuesday 20 September 07:42pm

saraht82 replied to topic Someone broke in last night

Its a horrible feeling when it happens. It happened to me when I was 25 weeks pregnant with dd2 bout 4 yrs ago. I woke up to someone trying to pull the blankets off the bed. My Dp was sound asleep ...

Tuesday 20 September 07:39pm

saraht82 replied to topic did anyone watch

I watched it this arvo. She really grew up and stepped up to the plate. Pity the dad didnt. He seemed not willing to change. I liked at the end how she got invited to a party but said straight away...

Tuesday 20 September 04:16am

saraht82 replied to topic did anyone watch

I read My link it has all the latest news on all the teen mom and 16 and pregnant moms.

Tuesday 13 September 08:43pm

saraht82 replied to topic did anyone watch

hey did anyone watch last nights ep with jennifer what did you think? i thought it wasn't as bad as it had been made out to be and she wasn't a total loon lol but he was a jerk like everyone said...

Tuesday 13 September 02:22am

saraht82 replied to topic What did you get your bub for their first birthday?

My DS is turning 1 next week, we have got him 3 in 1 activity gym, fisher price car thing, couple of trucks and a baseball thing. He will get stuff from family as well.

Thursday 08 September 01:49am

saraht82 replied to topic top vs front

I just got my first ever brand new washing machine and it was a front loader. I am in love with it. White clothes that had gone that off white colour are now bright white and other clothes that had...

Wednesday 24 August 07:39pm

saraht82 started new topic Cake decorators in Perth

I am looking for anyone in Perth that knows of a good cake decorator in Perth or rockingham area. I need a cake for DS 1st birthday. Thanks

Saturday 20 August 10:47pm

saraht82 replied to topic Another what's for dinner thread...

Beef straganoff and mash potato.

Thursday 18 August 11:25pm

saraht82 replied to topic whats your favourite tv show??

I have so many. I love gossip girl, teen mom, pregnant in heels, austalias next top model. and so many more. I love having foxtel iq cause I just tape all my shows. I also guilty plaeasure show in ...

Wednesday 17 August 04:55am

saraht82 replied to topic flying with kids

I have flown numerous times with my kids and virgin are the best. They let car seat, portacot, pram and whatever else. They have never charged me for being over my limit even though I alway am. The...

Wednesday 10 August 01:36am

saraht82 replied to topic What are you having for dinner tonight

We are having beef cassarole. I started cooking it at lunchtime it smells really good.

Wednesday 03 August 02:29am

saraht82 replied to topic Children sleeping in the same bed

My 2 girls share a bed also. We have only had a couple of problems with my youngest if she has had a sleep during the day. They love sleeping together. They also have the dog in there with them. So...

Tuesday 02 August 08:32pm

saraht82 replied to topic I want another baby :(

I have 3 and thought that this was definently enough. I went and got my tubes tied as no contraception works for me. Now I have some thoughts maybe 1 more but know its not going to happen. My DS is...

Saturday 30 July 08:35pm

saraht82 replied to topic Wiggles Concert

Thanks for the price Im in WA as well. This will be our first concert, getting excited about taking them, even though going to have to drive 6 hrs to get there.

Friday 29 July 01:47am
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