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m22 started new topic Preparing for # 2

Hi All, Just a general question for you. We are thinking of # 2 & want to be pregnant by hopefully Xmas this year. I am trying to work out the most practical way to go with regards to cots prams et...

Saturday 04 March 08:25pm

m22 started new topic Starting Cows Milk

Hi All, I just wanted to get an idea on how to start introducing cows milk to my 10mnth old? I have been told half cows milk & half formula, then 70% formula & 30% cows milk (ie 150mls formula to ...

Sunday 06 November 06:57pm

m22 replied to topic Tell me about yourself (another game)

1. I am a 1st time mum 2. I live in NSW

Saturday 06 August 06:42pm

m22 started new topic Boys or Girls

Hi all, Just thought I would ask a question. We in the adult world being mostly female here in the forums believe that women are better then men. So my question is... Is it easier to raise boy ba...

Friday 05 August 06:33am

m22 replied to topic Won't eat anything

Hi Suzy, it must be so frustrating trying all these things. I can't begin to imagine what i would do if my son didn't eat. He is one of the ones who loves his food. I thought I could offer some sug...

Thursday 04 August 06:08pm

m22 replied to topic formula

Hi Leia, My son is 7 months & has never drunk the amount the tins say. He is meant to be drinking 250mls (he is on karicare) 4 times a day. I find that if I make up what the tin says I waste a lot ...

Thursday 04 August 05:43pm

m22 started new topic any mums up for a chat

Hi all, I am a new mum to little Jordan who is 7 months & would love to chat to other mums basically about anything. It would help get my brain out of the baby mode. (not that i am complaining) Jus...

Wednesday 03 August 07:26pm

m22 replied to topic looking for a friendly email buddy

Hi Fiona, bit late for a reply but as they say better late then never. I would love to chat as I too find it hard to get out n about with only 1 car that is taken by the hubby for work. I am a 1st ...

Wednesday 03 August 07:08pm
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