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MS3108 replied to topic Huggies® Play & Learn Offer!

Well I did send my barcodes in back in mid March, and I have just learnt that I mysteriously missed out on the offer, but my barcodes have gone missing as well... not happy at all!!!!

Monday 24 May 10:43pm

MS3108 replied to topic Establishing BFing

Hello, I had the same problem, I was just replying to another post on something similar, and the best thing that I used to assist in increasing milk supply is fenugreek. You can get it from the hea...

Friday 29 January 07:09pm

MS3108 replied to topic mums exercise linked with slow weight gain?

Hi Jontysmama, don't worry about what the nurse says, if your child is putting on weight then there is nothing to worry about. Exercise is so important in helping you feel refreshed but also can ma...

Friday 29 January 07:02pm

MS3108 replied to topic November 09 babies

Hello Ladies, My beautiful girl was born on Nov 3rd, 8lbs 2oz and 50cms. Didn't have time for epi and she came out in 4 and a half hours... OMG it hurt, but love her so much... She is little siste...

Tuesday 26 January 10:41am

MS3108 replied to topic URGENT HELP NEEDED PLEASE !!

Hi Belle, I would try putting just his mattress on the floor for a little while until he is used to sleeping on that mattress, sometimes comfort may be the issue. Then put it on his bed and see ho...

Thursday 20 March 11:30am

MS3108 replied to topic Am I a bad mum

You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't!! I am at work full-time (5 days a week). Honestly, we place way too much pressure on ourselves!! It seems if we stay at home then we are mooc...

Thursday 20 March 08:38am

MS3108 started new topic Bad Mood after waking

It seems that when my 15 month old goes through a full nights sleep, without interruption, he wakes up in the foulest mood. Not only will he have a tantrum as I am changing him and getting him dres...

Wednesday 19 September 06:24am

MS3108 replied to topic 13 month old throwing tantrums

Hi cadesmum, OMG I know how you feel... my 15 month old started when he was one aswell. While I am at home, I just let him go (provided he is in a safe area and not able to injure himself). I walk ...

Tuesday 18 September 09:41am

MS3108 replied to topic Persistent Night Time Cough

Hi There, My bubs has the same problem and I was told by my GP he was dehydrated. This made a lot of sense to me because it is such a struggle to get him to drink any water!! My GP said that at nig...

Saturday 28 July 03:59am

MS3108 replied to topic This is funny !!

This is so cool.... But my birth song is really weird and creepy... Amazing Grace - Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (WTF!!!) 1st Birthday - Top Of The World - The Carpenters However 18th was Vogue - M...

Wednesday 13 June 07:05am

MS3108 replied to topic IVF INFO

What state do you live in? Here's a website you can look at: [Edited on 07/06/2007]

Friday 08 June 09:48am

MS3108 replied to topic brushing teeth

I agree with the other ladies. And I would also like to add that you never give a baby toothpaste until they have learnt how to spit. Swallowing toothpaste is not the best for babies tummies.

Friday 08 June 05:00am

MS3108 replied to topic Nasty Partner

Hi There, I am so sorry you are going through this.. it seems to me that he may be suffering with PND. My husband had this.. I was on Mat Leave and hubbie would come home and go straight to the c...

Friday 08 June 04:53am

MS3108 replied to topic Lactose intolerant??

Hi DeeDee, I am lactose intolerant as well. It didn't start for me until I was 17. I started breaking out in hives and had no idea what the reason was. I used to have cereal every morning and at th...

Wednesday 06 June 04:29am

MS3108 replied to topic Will I ever enjoy a hot meal again?

ummm.... what's a hot meal? I think I remember having those... is that when you can still see the steam coming off your food??

Tuesday 05 June 11:30am

MS3108 replied to topic what annoys you???

Great topic!! * Bratty school students on trains who don't offer their seats to obviously pregnant women. I ask them nicely if they would move and they reply no, which makes me have to swear and y...

Tuesday 05 June 11:13am

MS3108 started new topic Funny Joke... an oldie but a goodie

INSTALLING A HUSBAND Dear Tech Support, Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a distinct slow down in overall system performance --Particularly in the flower and jewe...

Friday 01 June 11:02am

MS3108 replied to topic Epidurals, vaccums and forcepts

Hi There I had epidural and vacuum for bubs delivery. I had the epidural that you can deliever yourself, so it was in smaller doses. I could still feel the contractions and the pressure, so a lot ...

Friday 01 June 09:53am

MS3108 replied to topic whats wrong with me?????

just wondering... did your hubbie witness the birth?? I have heard that some husbands freak out a bit when they have seen a baby come out of the spot that used to be where they ... um, put things ...

Friday 01 June 05:27am

MS3108 replied to topic I'm scared to put my baby in her cot!!!

Hi Tia I would still contact the manufacturer, because if your baby can fit her head through these slats then they need to know. The only way that the Australian Standards can change is if people ...

Friday 01 June 04:33am
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