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SKLH replied to topic Nanny/in home care

It is possible to get the CCR if you have a nanny at home, but you have to satisfy certain conditions and the nanny has to be accredited (or something) and your house has to be inspected to satisfy...

Tuesday 02 August 07:04pm

SKLH replied to topic Centrelink Part A and Daycare rebate

If Marian from Centrelink or anyone else can tell me... If you are zero rated for CCB, when are you likely to received your child care rebate for the June quarter? I thought we received the June ...

Wednesday 27 July 12:41am

SKLH replied to topic Looking for a homemade

300g chicken breast 1 carrot, peeled 1 zucchini 1/2 cup corn kernels 1 1/2 cups tasty cheese 1 1/12 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon cornflour 1. preheat over to 180 2. process chicken in a foo...

Saturday 25 June 05:34pm

SKLH replied to topic coke

I had post-dural headaches after an epidural giving birth. The OB and anaethetist both told me to drink as much coke or coffee as possible. I don't drink coffee so kept drinking coke. It did rel...

Friday 03 June 07:22pm

SKLH replied to topic We have lift off!!

Thought I would update and say, despite still not receiving an email (even in my junk folder), I got into the link from my original emails and see that both toys are being dispatched within the nex...

Thursday 21 April 07:15pm

SKLH replied to topic We have lift off!!

SKLH, What state do you live in? I'm in QLD and posted mine off the day after aswell. I still hadn't gotten my confirmation after a week so I rang up and the lady said to me that they had a huge n...

Monday 18 April 09:27pm

SKLH replied to topic We have lift off!!

Congrats. I'm a bit disappointed. I posted off my claim forms the day after the promo started and still haven't got confirmation. I've called them and "it's the luck of the draw". My sister did...

Monday 18 April 09:07pm

SKLH replied to topic Moving twins to separate rooms

I have 21 month old b/g twins and I moved them to separate rooms about 2 months ago. I had bought their big kid furniture (but they are still using their cots), and just moved their cots into each...

Thursday 07 April 09:57pm

SKLH replied to topic ATO/Accountant question..

You might have expenses that can go against the allowances. For example if your husband had a motor vehicle allowance and you didn't claim any motor vehicle expenses on his tax return, you should ...

Thursday 31 March 11:41pm

SKLH replied to topic how would you pronounce?

I knew someone by the name of Julita? It's close(ish) and has a J sound...

Friday 18 March 01:06am

SKLH replied to topic Vomiting after getting herself worked up!!

I would put down a cloth/cloth nappy or something under her and then if she has vomitted a little when you go in, remove it so she isn't sleeping on the liquid. That or put a cloth/cloth nappy ove...

Tuesday 25 January 09:10pm

SKLH replied to topic How many member here have twins?

I have 18mo boy/girl twins - conceived and delivered naturally also.

Thursday 23 December 12:18am

SKLH replied to topic How old was your mum when she had her first child?

Grandmother had my mum at 41 My mum had children at 24, 27 & 28 My older sister had children at 34 & 36 I had twins at 33 My brother had twins at 31

Thursday 19 August 07:47pm

SKLH replied to topic Looking for a childcare center North Brisbane

Actually not too far away in Clayfield there is a childcare centre that has a French immersion program. I'm not sure what is around in Wilston, but...

Wednesday 18 August 06:34pm

SKLH replied to topic Choosing a pram for twins?

I recommend the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. It is light, easy to fold, it is side-by-side (which is my preference), and I haven't found a doorway it doesn't fit through (although sometimes it ca...

Wednesday 11 August 08:08pm

SKLH replied to topic First Pregnancy and its Twins

Congratulations. Twins are a blessing and a challenge. I had my twins at 36+4, naturally (but with an epidural in case I had to have a c-section after the first delivery). I worked until nearly ...

Wednesday 04 August 06:44pm

SKLH replied to topic Twin Feeding

When introducing solids for twin premmie babies, should you correct their age or start at 6 months? My boys were 1 month early so should I wait until they are 7 months old? Any tips on feeding 2 b...

Thursday 22 July 08:51am
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