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meggsy76 replied to topic Used betadine antiseptic liquid and I'm 17 weeks pregnant

If it's any help, I had an amniocentesis done recently and they used betadine over my tummy as an antiseptic. It's the antiseptic of choice for sterile type procedures unless allergic. I...

Thursday 27 August 02:38pm

meggsy76 started new topic Stuck for boys names

Hi everyone, I'm halfway and still have a while to go (due January) but we are so stuck for a boys name. Every name I suggest, my partner hates and vice versa lol. We have chosen the middle ...

Thursday 27 August 01:54pm

meggsy76 replied to topic 1/600 chance of Down syndrome

Firstly, has anyone explained to you what your result means and whether it is high or low risk? If they haven't. I'd be asking for clarification. In my understanding, most places consider...

Saturday 22 August 10:52am

meggsy76 replied to topic Anterior placenta & movement

My placenta also lies all across the front. I'm nearly 18 weeks and have been feeling movement since around 12-13 weeks although I wasn't quite sure. This is my 2nd pregnancy and yes it&#...

Saturday 22 August 10:31am

meggsy76 replied to topic what did you use with pavlik harness???

Wonderful to hear that your bub is out of the pavlik harness It's so nice to give them a proper bath and wash their stinky feet hahah. My bub was in the pavlik harness from 9 weeks to about 17week...

Wednesday 15 June 08:46am

meggsy76 replied to topic 8.5 month old feeding and attitude issues!

With regards to bub going off his food....My bub got quite sick at 6 months and would only take Breastfeeds after eating solids quite well. She would no longer eat any of the foods she used to love...

Thursday 03 March 08:54pm

meggsy76 replied to topic Need help with a name

Keep trying to reply and keep deleting it LOL so hopefully I haven't replied 50 times already LOL. We are from a family of girls, so I am going to add their names.... Katie Keeley Reese Taryn Aal...

Monday 13 December 06:26am

meggsy76 replied to topic Suggestions please.....

I love the name Darcy (although DP wasn't too keen on it). We ended up having a girl so didn't have to worry about a boys name too much. If DD was a boy, I was set on having John for the middle nam...

Wednesday 08 December 09:08am

meggsy76 replied to topic Help with middle name...

What about Leigh? Ann? Kay? Hmmm will have to think some more.....

Wednesday 08 December 01:44am

meggsy76 replied to topic Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes!

Some of these stories are so funny.... I had a very good labour (according to my ob), no stitches, only mild grazing. My only problem was my low milk supply and the fact DD wouldn't attach properl...

Tuesday 07 December 09:35am

meggsy76 replied to topic wanted zucchini slice recipe with no cheese

Hi there, I found a recipe for zucchini slice on the following website. The cheese is only sprinkled on top at the end, so you could just not add it? I just typed in zucchini...

Tuesday 23 November 02:20am

meggsy76 replied to topic A depressed mum-to-be

Yes, it can be normal to feel this way. Hormones do amazing things to the body! However, if your feelings persist, I would have a chat to your Dr as there is such a thing as antenatal depression. H...

Wednesday 17 November 09:09am

meggsy76 replied to topic I have PND .....

I'm sure your doctor would have put you on a suitable dose of your antidepressant. Sometimes us mothers need just a little helping hand to get through. Having children can put a lot of stress on th...

Wednesday 17 November 08:19am

meggsy76 replied to topic What type of Pain relief can I have while pregnant??

I used to suffer really bad back and sciatic pain whilst pregnant with DD. Paracetamol (Panadol) is safe so long as you stick to the correct dosages. I occasionally used metsal cream on my lower ba...

Wednesday 17 November 08:10am

meggsy76 replied to topic Maternity clothes- what are your hot picks?

Mommabee, I was just about to write something about this when I read your post. I too have found that there is nothing maternity wise that caters for the plus size woman. I was finding I had to go ...

Tuesday 16 November 08:32am

meggsy76 replied to topic March 2010 babies

Hi Everyone, Congrats all on the birth of your March bubs My daughter was born on 27th March at 5.37pm (2 weeks early), weighing in at 3.24kg (7lb 2 oz). Had her weighed last week and she is now ...

Tuesday 16 November 08:22am

meggsy76 replied to topic can anyone please tell me............

Hi there, I'm in Tassie too and although I haven't had to have the bone densitomy (can't spell), bub had to have ultrasounds and xrays for her hips. I asked for an estimation of cost and if medicar...

Monday 15 November 08:42am

meggsy76 replied to topic Hyland's Teething Tablets

Hi there, In response to Amber beads....there is a lady on facebook that has a business and sells them. Can't remember how much, but I do know she gets them in from time to time. She also sells oth...

Tuesday 09 November 10:14am

meggsy76 replied to topic 7 month old with 1 tooth broken thru gums

My DD is 7 months too and has 3 teeth broken through the gums, front right one and the ones to either side of the 2 front teeth. I have found that Hyland's teething tablets have worked for her. Yes...

Tuesday 09 November 10:05am

meggsy76 replied to topic 9 week old baby - how do I play with her?

My bub is 7 months now. But if I remember correctly, I used to give her lots of cuddles, read books and sing to her. Not sure how much of it she took in but thats what I did. Hope this helps. Meegan

Tuesday 09 November 04:12am
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