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mother21 replied to topic 2year old still on breastmilk

Thats no prob.. I guess u will have 2 try and wean her off the breast. Why don't you try flavoured milk or even try 2 give her 2 parts milk and 1 part water 2 try and get her use 2 it. Other wise i...

Monday 20 September 10:57am

mother21 replied to topic 2year old still on breastmilk

Hi Tinklebell, My son was born a Big boy and nomatter how much baby formular he had it was NEVER enough and as i could not get him to breast feed it got quite expensive at times. So what i tried w...

Sunday 19 September 11:52am

mother21 replied to topic Pillow or no pillow

Hi Rachel, I have a 19mth old boy and he would always sleep better with us so my partner got him a bananna pillow so it would feel like we were still there with him. It worked for a little but the...

Sunday 19 September 11:41am

mother21 started new topic My son wont stay in his own bed

Hi i have a 19 month old son and no matter what we try he will not stay in his bed... When i gave birth the ladys in the hospital would hand my son 2 me when he would cry NO matter what time it was...

Sunday 19 September 11:20am
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