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voon replied to topic how to know if bub is lactose intolerant

Hi my son is 6 weeks old today and he started screaming for 2 weeks now. he is a textbook case of colic. he started off with breastmilk and i changed it to formula just to see whether his colic has...

Monday 31 July 10:40am

voon started new topic Having a COLD and wont eat and only drink little. and cough real bad at nite!

Hi, William is having his first cold at the moment and it is really hard on both of us. He cough to start of with and then have runny nose and blocked nose as well. Sometimes his body temperature j...

Friday 12 August 06:28am

voon started new topic Beginner to solid. How much to give?

Hi I need some help in introducing solids. William just turned 5 months last saturday and i've introduced solids to him since last week (once or twice a day). I have been giving him his milk (form...

Thursday 21 April 09:18am

voon replied to topic blocked tear ducks

Hi lizza, My boy had blocked tear ducts as well when he was born, i've tried breast milk and it comes and goes, until recently when someone told me to try bicarb-soda with lukewarm water and just ...

Saturday 09 April 01:19pm

voon replied to topic Sore Voice due to crying too much!

Dear ladies Thank you for your concern bout William. He is much better now. He finally get his voice back after two weeks. It was two painful weeks waiting for his voice to come back for me. I was ...

Thursday 31 March 06:16am

voon started new topic Sore Voice due to crying too much!

Hi, I'm mother to William who is 4 months old 2 days ago. He have lost his baby voice since Sunday when we left him at his grandma's. Grandma reckons he shouldnt be picked up all the time when he ...

Saturday 19 March 01:29pm

voon replied to topic Drink less milk

Hi vic20 i'm glad that i found someone who have the same problem as i do. My baby William is close to 11 weeks old and he is having the same problem as your baby Victoria too. He has been drinki...

Monday 31 January 06:58pm
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