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Janeo1981 replied to topic Crawling - How the hell do i get my DS to start?

I agree don't rush it enjoy them staying still, it can be frustrating for them and us when they whinge my daughter was like that didn't crawl till just days short of 10mths.....

Wednesday 08 December 09:06am

Janeo1981 replied to topic Bleeding after vaginal ultrasound

I have had internal ultrasounds many times (due to doing fertility treatment) and i havn't bleed, i had 1 with my DD too and didn't bleed.. I really hope it isn't a mc but i think it is worth seein...

Saturday 27 November 07:51am

Janeo1981 replied to topic Sippy Cups

Just keep offering it its pretty normal. We got my dd a nuby silicone one if she chewed on it instantly she got water whiel i was tipping it with time she learnt to drink from it... 6mths is a grea...

Saturday 27 November 07:45am

Janeo1981 replied to topic when should my lil boy start crawling

When they are ready !!! Try not to compare babies it isn't worth it they all do things differently at different times, my daughter was 10months but sat well at 5 months, a close friends daughter o...

Saturday 27 November 07:39am

Janeo1981 replied to topic what day of my cycle should i be throwing DF down

Yep sure is..... Now as for Bding it depends how long are you cycles normally???? For example if its say 30 days then bd from day 14-18 and you should be right, if 35 then from day 20-23 should be ...

Saturday 27 November 07:38am

Janeo1981 replied to topic glucose tolerance test... normal reaction???

Yep i had the same reaction i was fine for 45mins then went white, got hot, sweaty, lights in front of my eyes, and could easily have spewed i stuck head between my knees which wasn't a easy thing ...

Friday 26 November 08:13am

Janeo1981 replied to topic pregnant after a failed vasectomy!

Congrats i think !!!!!! I have a friend who's hubby had it done after 5 kids, last 2 were unexpected twins anyway he went back to have the test to see if it worked and it hadn't he still had sper...

Sunday 21 November 09:12am

Janeo1981 replied to topic Swaddling

It will depend on bubs my daughter was wrapped till 10 weeks, i found from 8ish weeks till then she would try her hardest to get out at around 4am then go straight back to sleep till 7ish so i move...

Sunday 21 November 09:06am

Janeo1981 replied to topic Engagement Present Ideas...

Towels maybe with names on them?? We got a few towel sets and i just got them out been married nearly 3 yrs so nice to have good quality towels on hand !

Friday 19 November 06:36am

Janeo1981 replied to topic short and sweet girls name to go with a long maori last name

Lila Mia Milla Taya Izzy Amaya Larni Jaida Zarah Kiah

Tuesday 16 November 06:45am

Janeo1981 replied to topic Anyone had a "feeling" as to what sex baby was

At the start i was sure i was having a daughter, then at the 20 week scan i changed to boy for the rest of the pg then in the last week got girl vibes and thought maybe i was having a girl and i ha...

Tuesday 16 November 06:42am

Janeo1981 replied to topic breastfeeding no period

Everyone is different i was feeding my DD 5 times a day and got it back at 7 1/2 mths, my friend has a nearly 15 mth old feeds her twice a day and still no period.....

Tuesday 16 November 06:40am

Janeo1981 replied to topic Who was or will be at your birth?

Im sure your MIL would understand if you explain it too her. I only had DH for most of mine but he had come off nightshift when i went into labour so had no sleep the night before so when the Dr ca...

Sunday 14 November 11:45pm

Janeo1981 replied to topic DD's sensitive skin - what products can I use?

I use just plain old vegetable cream it has nothing in it at all completely natural and nice and creamy, i can get you the number if you like you just ring them to order it i have 1kg so will last ...

Saturday 13 November 09:52am

Janeo1981 replied to topic were you %100 ready??

COMFY JOCKS!!!! I kid you not i got told go for larger type black jocks for hossy with bleeding etc, so off i go to Target by granny style black, wash them and put them into bag without trying on.....

Saturday 13 November 09:49am

Janeo1981 replied to topic WOuld this work?


Saturday 13 November 06:49am

Janeo1981 replied to topic Some1 help me please

I get mine calendars with new pics each yr they love it mind you never write on it only for display LOL..

Saturday 13 November 02:24am

Janeo1981 replied to topic refresher course coz been 12yrs since ive had newborn

On of the mums in my ante natal classes it was her 2nd time around, she had a nearly a 10 yr old, so maybe you could join a antenatal class through your hospital..

Saturday 13 November 02:22am

Janeo1981 replied to topic Breastfeeding cover

I didn't use anything i found it too hard and ackward to try and feed and cover up, occasionally and i think i did it twice i just popped a light blanket up over my shoulder and her head... You le...

Saturday 13 November 02:20am

Janeo1981 replied to topic Steelcraft Cruiser Infant Carrier

All capsules have to take the strap off its easy enough...

Friday 12 November 09:19am
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