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M replied to topic Juggling full time work, domestic stuff and family.

I read your own reply above and it made me laugh. I haven't even gone back to work. We don't have much money on one wage but the stress of me working as well would be worse!!! I have a soon to b...

Saturday 03 May 10:18am

M replied to topic Eye Colour

Maybe they are going to stay that way. Because both of you have a parent with blue eyes it means you both carry the gene. Even though brown is dominant there is a 25% chance baby will have blue. ...

Friday 04 April 01:26pm

M replied to topic Getting back in shape with baby.

walking is the best but for toning the muscles I have found pilates is working. I do it at home while my daughter is asleep and it gets muscles you never thought existed! I had to wait quite a wh...

Monday 31 March 04:00pm

M replied to topic Walking

Me again. I was watching something on TV and they were saying walking isn't a sign of being bright but being very alert at a young age is. To me it sounds as though your little one is very consio...

Tuesday 25 March 09:44am

M replied to topic Walking

Hi. Nice to see another kiwi here! My daughter started walking at 8 1/2 months and can say a lot of words and stack her stacking rings, she also tries to put shapes into the shape sorter and even...

Friday 14 March 04:57am

M replied to topic speed it up!

Hi! I know how you feel. I tried all of those and none seemed to work. When we did the bumps I started to get Braxton hicks but they disapeared as soon as we stopped. Sex is supposed to be the ...

Thursday 13 March 08:13pm

M replied to topic Babies hair growth

My daughters hair fell out too. She is 10 months now and still has next to none. The hair that is coming through though is really pretty and worth waiting for. It looks golden brown and may even...

Thursday 13 March 08:03pm

M started new topic 1st birthdays

My daughter is going to have her first birthday soon and I know that it will be just another day to her but what are some nice foods I can give her that aren't too sweet etc. Any suugestions would...

Tuesday 11 March 06:56pm

M replied to topic moving baby to a cot?

Hi. Our now 9 month old daughter went into a cot at 5 months as she started to pull herself up to sit. She loved her cot from the word go as she can look around her room at everything.

Tuesday 11 March 06:53pm

M replied to topic Settling

I have a 9 month old and sometimes I have to take her for a walk in the pram to get her sleepy. She has been walking for about a month now so she wants to do this instead of go to bed! I am just ...

Tuesday 11 March 05:10am

M started new topic Walking

How many other babies have started walking before 9 months old? Our daughter was 8 1/2 months and just seems so little!

Thursday 06 March 07:47am
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