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Furgus replied to topic 3 day potty training

I would also love the info if someone could send it [email protected] greatly appreciated

Friday 20 January 03:11am

Furgus replied to topic I have matitis

I got mastitis twice when feeding the twins and i alternated between cold cabbage leave and frozen nappies(Just wet a nappy and put it in the freezer - it wraps around you boob when open). Go the p...

Monday 16 January 12:42am

Furgus replied to topic does your toddler eat their meal by themselves

My 23 month old twins will eat by themsleves. The refused to let me help them not long after they turned 1. Occasionally they will ask for help but not very often, usually only when they are tired....

Saturday 10 December 08:58am

Furgus replied to topic How do we feel about kids on leashes?

I have little pink back packs (not animal ones)for my 2 year old twins. We use them also for day care and leave the strap in the bag so that if i need them when out and about we can just click them...

Saturday 10 December 08:49am

Furgus replied to topic Looking for mums of twins.

Congrats. I have ID girls who will be 2 in Jan. Born at 33 weeks. We have a citi mini double and i love it. Can i say that you are about to go on the best adventure of you life. Aside from being b...

Saturday 10 December 08:37am

Furgus replied to topic In search of a new car...

Cant go past a territory. I have twins and there is heaps of room in the territory. I used to have my niece from time to time and the 3 car seats fit eaisly. The boot space is fantastic. I could g...

Saturday 10 December 08:12am

Furgus replied to topic First time mum in Bendigo want to meet others

Samantha do you know about Loddon Mallee Kids - support group and play group for premmie's. Playgoup is held at St Libs in Eaglehawk every second thursday. We also have a fun day this sunday for Po...

Friday 04 November 01:32am

Furgus replied to topic Ectopic pregnancy

With my ectopic i was about 6 or 7 weeks and the pain went from a 1 to a 10 in a period of about 1 1/2. Very sharp pain on one side that almost came in waves but increasing each time. Dont recall t...

Monday 31 October 03:46am

Furgus replied to topic Twins For A start

Congratulations. I have identical twin girls who are now 21 mths old. Firstly let me say that you are about to set off onto the most amazing journey you will ever experience. I too don't have twins...

Saturday 22 October 01:08am

Furgus replied to topic Mastitis worries

I 100% agree with the previous post and as weird as it sound definately go the cold cabbage leaves - they work a treat. Make sure you massage out the lumps as much as you can and just watch you g...

Saturday 22 October 12:49am

Furgus replied to topic Preemie babies

Hi there My twin girls were born at the Mercy at 33 weeks. Fantastic hospital. Girls are now 20 mths and bold as brass and keep me very much on my toes

Monday 03 October 06:42am

Furgus replied to topic Flying with a car seat??

I agree try hiring one or buying a cheep second hand one that she can keep with her for future visits. Not sure what the age limit is so check with the air line but each child is allocated one item...

Monday 03 October 06:28am

Furgus replied to topic best play group for bendigo

Hi there Are your bubs premmies by any chance. I am part of LMK (Loddon Mallee Kids) which is a playgroup and support group for mums with premmies. We have all ages and i personally think it is a ...

Saturday 24 September 09:53pm

Furgus replied to topic wanting #3

I know exactly how you feel. We have 19 mth old twins and i am busting to have more babies. My hubby just doesn't understand that biological urning that women have to have babies and on top of tha...

Friday 19 August 05:55am

Furgus replied to topic wedding dress

I had mine dry cleaned and have it stored in a box at home. I was 6 1/2 mths preg with twins when we got married so we plan on renewing our vows at 5 years so will have it altered to its original s...

Friday 19 August 05:50am

Furgus replied to topic Modern Cloth Nappy - What do you use to make them smell nice?

I use an antibacterial rinse on mine which makes them smell nice and doesn't seem to interfere with their absorbancy. Just goes in at the last part of the wash.

Wednesday 17 August 12:44am

Furgus replied to topic Which double electric breast pump?

I used a Medela Pump in Style advanced double elec breast pump with the twins and found it to be fantastic. Is an expensive unit but well worth the money. You can pick them up second hand at a re...

Sunday 07 August 11:44pm

Furgus replied to topic Whats baby girls first name if middle name is Jean?

My girlfriends little girl is Bella Jean. I think it is a beautiful name. good luck

Friday 15 July 07:44pm

Furgus replied to topic The best electric breast pump on the market

I had a Medela Pump n Style double breast pump with the twins and i loved it. Expensive though - brand new is aroung $500 second hand anywhere form $200 - $400. Good luck

Friday 15 July 07:37pm

Furgus replied to topic Managing after caesar both physically and mentally

Hi there. Firstly congrats on your bub. I agree with Chilliwoman. I would just be popping off to the dr for a check up. By 2 weeks you should be able to walk about without being in so much pain. ...

Friday 15 July 07:35pm
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