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jean&will replied to topic first pregnancy

Hi! Congratulations!! I found that after the tiredness and morning sickness passed (around week 12 for me) walking helped me. I played alot of netball before I fell pregnant and found it very ha...

Tuesday 24 February 09:09am

jean&will replied to topic dealing with the hot weather

Hi! I live in North Queensland so I now what you mean by hot weather! I had my baby in April of last year (now 10 mths old) but was heavily pregnant in our hottest time. I made my husband air-co...

Tuesday 24 February 08:47am

jean&will replied to topic Weight gain during pregnancy

Dear Tepe, I am a new member and just saw your message. You are lucky!! I had put on 14kg by week 37, still working and walking for an hour every morning!! Then I finished work and put on 5kg i...

Sunday 22 February 07:36pm
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