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cassie replied to topic SINGLE MUM FOR 2 WEEKS, WITH 8 1/2 MONTH OLD TWINS

Hi , My name is Leanda and I know how you feel. Believe it does get better. My husband left when Nicholas was 4 months old, so I know how you feel.It is hard but you are lucky that your parents are...

Thursday 01 April 08:42am

cassie replied to topic i need your feedback

What a fantastic idea, I wish we had something like this in Hobart. My partner is always saying there isn't enough for dads to do with their children.Have you also tried advertising this playgroup ...

Thursday 01 April 08:34am

cassie started new topic Multiple Food Intolerances in Toddler

I need help on any advice from parents who have a toddler with multiple food intolerances . So far my 11mth old can only eat fruit,rice,plain vegatables and meat, not fish ,dairy,nuts, wheat or so...

Tuesday 30 March 04:37pm

cassie replied to topic CITRUS

Hi I have an older boy who has just been diagnosed with salycilate intolerance which is a natural chemical found in fruits and some vegetables. He has had constant problems with his stomach and bow...

Tuesday 30 March 04:29pm
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