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stephy replied to topic Recommendations for formula

hi i started my daughter on S26 gold which is no good. my daughter didnt drink much at a time with that brand so i put her on Nurture and she loves it. drinks it like its going out of fashion. hop...

Monday 07 March 12:10pm

stephy replied to topic Sleeping in a cot

hi I put Mikayla in the cot when she came home from the hospital (1 week old) and had no problems then.

Monday 07 March 11:58am

stephy replied to topic own bed

thank you for your suggestion. it sounds like agood idea so i will give it a go and see what comes out of it thank you stephanie

Monday 07 March 11:52am

stephy replied to topic own bed

hi Thank you Jas for your help. stephanie

Monday 07 March 11:45am

stephy replied to topic own bed

hi Jasmine thank you for your reply. yes i was meanig moving from cot to bed. but i wouldnt mind any advice on sleeping with parents to sleeping on their own. from anyone my baby is only 11 month...

Saturday 05 March 06:40pm

stephy started new topic own bed

hi How old should your baby be before you put them into their own bed? any advice would be great thank you

Saturday 05 March 06:04pm

stephy started new topic baby wont go to sleep without blanket on face

hi mums my 7 mth old daughter wont go to sleep unless she has a blanket over her face which worries me. it has been going on for 3 mths now. she crys whenever i take it away from her and settles w...

Sunday 31 October 04:47pm

stephy replied to topic Burning

thanks for ur help. i have told my midwife about it but she never said what it was and told me to eat yoghurt. i tried milk shakes as u suggested and it works. have about 2 day and i dont really b...

Tuesday 09 March 04:32pm

stephy started new topic Burning

Hi everyone im 35 weeks pregnant with my first child so everything is pretty new to me... i get a burning feeling in my tummy and hurts alot. it wont go away. Has anyone had or have the same thing...

Wednesday 03 March 05:08pm

stephy replied to topic had enough....

HI Sarah i know exactly how you 34 weeks pregnant and ive had enough already. im in pain all the time and its getting a bit too much for me good luck for the next few weeks...not far to...

Wednesday 25 February 11:35am

stephy replied to topic When Are your Due Dates?

Hi kristina Im new to this as well Baby Mikayla is Due 8 April but hopefully she comes alot sooner.. congrats on the pregnancy and good luck

Wednesday 25 February 11:21am
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