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Vron replied to topic how long after you finished breastfeeding...

I was also still breastfeeding when mine returned at about 6 months after birth of both girls.

Friday 25 November 07:26am

Vron replied to topic Hair Loss after Giving Birth

Going through exactly the same thing right now for the second time. Started at about 4 months post delivery and still going at 5 months. Mostly around the temples too but in the last day I've notic...

Saturday 13 August 12:23am

Vron replied to topic Mums Being Pushed into c-sections?

Twice a private patient in a public hospital. Two caesers. 1st breech, 2nd no progress after waters broke. My OB is very experienced and said with the 1st that whilst he had delivered breech babies...

Monday 13 June 10:32pm

Vron replied to topic Post birth diabetes test

I've had GDM twice now. I passed the 3 month post-natal test the 1st time and will shortly be doing the test again for the 2nd time. Fingers crossed this is clear too! The fact is, doctors will sa...

Wednesday 01 June 09:42am

Vron replied to topic Hair Changes in Pregnancy

I didn't notice changes whilst pregnant but did afterwards. About 3 months post-delivery, my hair started thinning before eventually growing back. Some of my friends experienced the same. Some didn...

Thursday 26 May 02:37am

Vron replied to topic Gestational Diabetes Medication - what if any did you take?

I've had GDM for both of my pregnancies. I ended up on insulin in both cases because diet alone did not keep BGLs down after about 30 weeks. I didn't need any other medication, thankfully. I was ab...

Tuesday 24 May 12:02am

Vron replied to topic Desperately need advice

I went through the same thing but chose to stick it out. The wakings over the months varied from 2 to 5 times a night over different periods. She finally self-weaned shy of 18 months and started sl...

Sunday 15 May 08:06am

Vron replied to topic sleeping issues (am i doing the right thing)

I don't believe in "right" or "wrong" in some areas and sleep is one of them. Every baby/child is different and there isn't one solution for all. If there was, why would there be so many people con...

Tuesday 10 May 10:10pm

Vron replied to topic breech baby

My 1st, two years ago, was breech and my OB recommended a c-section. Whilst he had delivered a breech baby vaginally before, he felt there were too many risks, especially since I was an older mothe...

Friday 29 April 12:33am

Vron replied to topic What time do you (or have you) put a 3 month old to bed?

I know a colleague whose 1st daughter slept religiously from 12am till 12 noon daily. Their second sleeps 10pm to 10am daily. The baby gets lots of night sleep an they get some "me time". I don't b...

Thursday 28 April 10:49pm

Vron replied to topic What time do you (or have you) put a 3 month old to bed?

sorry to interrupt the forum but this is my first day on these and first time pregnant what is dd and ds?? thanks Darling daughter, darling son?

Thursday 28 April 10:42pm

Vron replied to topic Stretch marks

I think they started to appear around the start of the 3rd trimester with my 1st pregnancy. They were pretty pronounced under my belly button ie: lower belly and basically radiated upwards from my ...

Saturday 23 April 07:02pm

Vron replied to topic Early signs of Placenta Previa - Experiences??

I was told I had placenta previa and possibly percreta at about 12 weeks. That was scary, especially the percreta. I had another scan at 18 weeks, 28 weeks, 34 weeks and another last week at 37 wee...

Thursday 24 February 09:44am

Vron replied to topic Stretch Marks and moisteriser

Don't know if there's a sure fire way to prevent them. I know some don't get them but many do. I did later (maybe about 30 weeks onwards) in my first pregnancy all under my belly button. They were ...

Friday 18 February 09:30am

Vron replied to topic Low lying placenta

I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta at 12 weeks. There are risks of bleeding during a low lying placenta pregnancy, and whilst I've not had any so far, there is still a greater chance of blee...

Friday 18 February 09:14am

Vron replied to topic What is the worst thing PHYSICALLY

My 1st was a c-section (breech) and whilst being terrified initially of the operation (never had one before), I was surprised how well I healed. I don't have an apron" but that may be because I did...

Thursday 10 February 07:39pm
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