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Chico replied to topic Sleeping in the BIG bed

Hi mummy jen, Would really love to know how you did it. I have a 17 month old who I have just put in a big bed. The only reason I did was because all the other kids at day care are in beds from as...

Monday 15 March 01:04pm

Chico started new topic How much food 15mth old

I have a 15th month old son, and I really have no idea how much he should be eating for his main meals. If someone could give me a guide that would be great. He has three 200ml bottles a day. Each ...

Wednesday 04 February 09:29am

Chico started new topic Cat napper

My fifteen month old son used to have two sleeps a day. Even to get that was an effort. Lot's of control crying. Now he won't have a morning sleep and wants to go down after lunch, only to sleep fo...

Wednesday 04 February 09:21am
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