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Andii81 replied to topic July 07 Toddlers

Hi Everyone!!! It's been a very long time since I ventured onto the site... naughty I know! Well life's been busy as I'm studying and working casually at the vets now. great fun though. Erin was...

Thursday 16 October 05:36pm

Andii81 replied to topic hip displaysia (clicky hips)

Sorry to take so long to see this and answer you. There is also a condition, hyper flexibilty (or something similar - the physio told me about it) that means that your joints are very stretchy and...

Monday 28 January 09:57pm

Andii81 replied to topic hip displaysia (clicky hips)

Posted by: Andii81 Hi, I was born with severe hip displaysia in both hips when I was born (1981) Because it was so severe in both hips, they therefore felt the same in the checks by doctors and C...

Monday 28 January 09:51pm

Andii81 replied to topic GROWING PAINS!!!!

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I've got her taking the Centrum multivitamin for kids now and we haven't had a single night of pain (Touch Wood!!!!) She loves taking them as they taste like...

Monday 28 January 09:23pm

Andii81 replied to topic Teen mum-to-be, crazy and worrying friend

My suggestion on how to tell her how you feel is to tell her with your mum there for support. Tell her openly and honestly. Easier said than done I know but its the best way. She may actually be e...

Monday 28 January 09:02pm

Andii81 replied to topic MEN- DO they or dont they?

I have mixed feeling on this topic. We have magazines, DVDs and some books in the house but to me they are to be used together for an added "boost" to foreplay (just like the toys we have). We wat...

Monday 28 January 08:44pm

Andii81 replied to topic Flying with an infant under 6 months of age

Thats a load of ****! You can take a bub on a plane at 1 day old if you want to. The Royal Flying Doctor Service flys bubs, the day they are born, to Perth from all over the state if something is ...

Wednesday 09 January 08:38pm

Andii81 replied to topic What brand do you buy? Full fat milk.

The reason I don't buy homebrands is political, i guess. I don't buy them because they are making "branded" companies (alot of them are small family or community owned companies) struggle to keep u...

Wednesday 09 January 08:24pm

Andii81 replied to topic Bath Hassles

My DD did that but a bit younger. She would scream her head off as soon as her toes touched the water (Happens with the pools too) I got so fed up with it. I'd tried different times of day, warmer ...

Wednesday 09 January 07:57pm

Andii81 replied to topic lump underneath her nipple

I had a cyst removed from my left nipple when I was a bub (not sure of age) I don't know if they considered it dangerous or something and thats why they removed it. I don't know if it came and went...

Wednesday 09 January 07:30pm

Andii81 replied to topic my son has 2 holes in his backside

My brother had one and so did his son. My brothers was quite deep but not until he was adult did it get infected and have to be cleaned adn then sewn up. My nephew had one and because of how deep i...

Wednesday 09 January 07:19pm

Andii81 replied to topic 40th Birthday present

I love alwaysawake's ideas.. wish I'd thought of them for my DH 40th last year. He is the same, has everything he really needs etc etc. I ended up getting him 2 box sets of Monty Python. he is a hu...

Wednesday 09 January 10:16am

Andii81 replied to topic your hospital stay

DS was born on a Monday morning and I left hospital on the Thursday arvo so....4 days, 3 nights (I was in a 4 bed room with 1 other lady - her bub was sick though and not in the room with us) DD#1...

Saturday 05 January 12:17pm

Andii81 replied to topic Early Teether

Chewing on anything really helps... My oldest had 2 teeth by 13 weeks and my youngest had 2 by 15 weeks. Anything they could get into there mouth helped. even soft toys. They only need a small am...

Tuesday 01 January 09:48am

Andii81 started new topic GROWING PAINS!!!!

My 4 year old daughter gets pains in her legs during the nights. People say its growing pains as there is no other obvious reason. She screams in pain and curls up into a ball so as to hold her leg...

Tuesday 01 January 09:08am

Andii81 replied to topic before or after EDD?

DS = on EDD DD1 = 5 days over DD2 = 1 day over

Thursday 27 September 12:55pm

Andii81 replied to topic pronouncing your childs name right.

My daughter's name is Siobhan and my Brother occasionally refers to her as Chevvy but never really to her face. Her godmother calls her Vonny and tries to get her son (same age) to call her that to...

Friday 07 September 12:03pm

Andii81 replied to topic Funny foot

Hi Angela. Your daughter may not need surgery if her hips are not right. It just depends on whaat stage of development her bones are at (i was 15 months old when they found my probs hence actual su...

Friday 07 September 11:44am

Andii81 started new topic IDEAS FOR A 30TH BIRTHDAY PARTY???????

Just thinking about what to do for my 30th. I had the restuant thing for my 18th. I had a fancy dress at my 21st, wasn't a great success. Had a fancy dress for my dad's 60th, was a huge success. I...

Friday 07 September 11:01am

Andii81 replied to topic just an idea

Thats a really beautiful idea. Can be made specially for them to keep after too. Most flowergirls don't remember much of being one so this could be a beautiful little keepsake for them.

Friday 07 September 10:32am
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