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Rbarrett replied to topic Breastfed babies weight gain

Hi there, I'd be interested to hear the responses as my baby (5months 6 days) has also only gained about 260grams in 4 weeks. I do know that as they get older they put on a lot less weight a week ...

Saturday 15 May 07:17pm

Rbarrett replied to topic Waking Every 2 hrs

Pureed apple and unripe (or not overly ripe) bananas can make little ones constipated. If he's not constipated it might just be that it is a little harder for his digestive system to digest until ...

Saturday 15 May 12:20am

Rbarrett replied to topic does your 8 months old sleep through the night?

Hi there, I was told that the temperature tends to drop around the 3-4am mark so perhaps adding another blanket around this time might help. Ie. either wait until your baby wakes and pop it on then...

Thursday 13 May 12:07am

Rbarrett replied to topic Getting DD to sleep on her own in the cot.

Hopefully you've already solved your sleep problems but if not, have you tried putting the bassinet in her room for day sleeps and settling her in that in her room? Get her used to the room and th...

Thursday 13 May 12:02am

Rbarrett replied to topic 20 week old waking every hour during night

Hi, Firstly, have you checked to see if maybe she just needs another light blanket over the top of her? It seems like she's waking after every sleep cycle (ie. coming fully awake between cycles i...

Wednesday 12 May 11:54pm
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