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Hi Does anyone have a barcode from the baby wash, baby lotion or Wash cloths pack that they could send me. I dont use any of these products but would really like to get the musical mat. Also, I have a few nappy barcodes that I'm happy to give away if anyone is interested in them. Thanks Tracy

my turn to try the colours out lets see if i can do bold colours lol [Edited on 14/04/2007]

[b]bold[/b] [i]italic [/i] [u]underline[/u] [quote]quote[/quote] [list]happy mad[/list] [Edited on 14/04/2007] [Edited on 14/04/2007] [Edited on 14/04/2007] [Edited on 14/04/2007]

Karen and TeeJay it was nice meeting you both last Saturday at kindergym. I know we didnt get much time to actually talk to each other. Hopefully you both become regulars which will give us a chance to get to know each other. Tracy

I had troube logging in, it took me about 10 attempts before it was accepted. Then I realised I too have to change my username, still don't really understand why but can't do much about that. The speed of the site is driving me nuts, there are only 40 people logged in at the moment, so I don't see how that can be slowing things down.