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Also, I tink they will last for ages, DD1 (who is 8) LOVES playing on it as well , so definitely value for money

You get 4 free ones with it from memory, and then you can purchase cartridge type ones from teh shops for $20 upwards, you can download a variety of different apps for it starting from as low as about $6-8. I bought DD2 one for her 3rd birthday and she loves it. So far she has the apps that came with it and the Dora cartidge, and that has been enough for her for now. I"m thinking I might geta couple of different apps for her now that she is quite familiar with the ones she has.

I use Dimetapp (the blue one) for my kids (8 and 3) and it helps to dry and clear up the runny nose. I use a vapouriser in the rooms at night, and put vicks ont heir feet (covered by socks) when they go to bed. I find I only need to use the Dimetapp for about 3 days.

I also have the babylove Ezy Combo...Awesome seat, both DD2 (she was 3 in April) and I Love it..extremely comfortable. She is tall for her age and i think will easily last in the seat until she is 7, so there will be no need for me to buy her anything else.

Easy chicken casserole, chuck in your drumsticks, some vegies chopped up (I use onion, carrots, turnips, potatoes etc), add some chicken stock and a few herbs and spices, top with noodles (i use 2 min noodles), and away you go..absolutely devine..I usualy do it in the oven , so some of the noodles can go crunchy on top, but works just as good in the slow cooker

I'm with Bupa (was Mutual Community), i have just extras, and pay $12 a fortnight for a single..going to upgrade soon to include my 2 girls, as think DD1 needs her eyes tested and possibly glasses

I'm not sure what you have around Auckland, but some different ideas are swimming, soccer/football, athletics (Australia has little Athletics), some form of self defence type lessons, takwondo, jujitsu (sorry not sure how to spell them).

I used one for DD2 and she loved it, found it very handy to have. I borrowed mine from a friend, it had different speeds, and music to go with it. it had the 5 point harness straps and one DD2 we started using it once she was able to hold her head up and it was a godsend. I'd def. recommend one

What works for some may not necessarily work for others. I know lots of people who have had (fairly easy) success with SOS, and other books on the market for the same topic. Its all about figuring out what works for you and your bubs, all kids are different, and one book is going to be a "once size fits all" for everyone. you have a child in nappies? Nope - only pullups at night 2.what colour is the doona cover on your bed? pink/white 3.what are you having for dinner? no idea you like the new forum? kind of, getting used to it 5. what time do you eat dinner? if I'm home (work 4 days a week) 5.30, if its a day I work around 6.30 (DD1 and DD2 eat at their dads on those days) you shower in the moring night or day time? usually night time in peace lol you bath or shower your kids? bath - neither of them are really keen on the shower at the moment 8.whats the weatherike at your place? Cloudy and cold you get ctalogues at your house? yes love them 10.what day is grocery day for you? Thrusday/Friday each week 11.what tme do you go to bed? when I'm tired lol it varies all week 12.what number is your bithdate? 8th 13.what grade did you leave school? After I completed Year 12 14.are you following anyone? 1 person ,my neice 15.have you left the house today? Yep to go to work sadly