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We moved DD1 (now 6 1/2) into a big bed not long after she turned 2. We had the bed sitting in the spare room waiting, and one day DD1 climbed out of her cot. We moved her into her bed that night, as I wasnt going to risk her climbing out again and possibly hurting herself. I will probably move DD2 (19 months) into a bed around the same age. She is much more of a climber than DD1 ever was though, so if she attempts to climb out of the cot I will move her sooner. DD1 stopped having structured day sleeps once I moved her into a bed. She would fall asleep on her fold out couch, while watching a dvd and having 'rest time', but I couldnt get her to go down for a sleep during the day in the bed. If your little one is happy in the cot and not trying to climb out etc, I dont think there is any need to rush onto the next stage.

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has brought the In the Night Garden mega blocks musical gezebo toy for their children and what it was like? Good & bad? Is it worth its money or should I pick something else! My DD LOVES In the Night Garden but just thinking about whether its worth it compared to other things for her b'day and xmas. Thank you for any ideas and opinions My DD2 (19 months) LOVES ITNG and especially Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy. I have bought her the MegaBlox Ninky Nonk for xmas. I havent seen it and don't know what its like (apart from in a catalogue) as my sister put it on layby for me. I'm not even sure if its musical or not lol If you DD loves ITNG I'm sure she will love the musical gazebo.

I spend around $150 at the supermarket, anywhere from $10-$30 at fruit and veg depending on what we need, and between $10-$20 at the butcher/chicken shop a week for 2 adults and 2 kids (6 1/2 and 18 months). Thats not including nappies, but I only buy them on special. We dont spend much at the butcher for the week as we buy our meat in bulk, but we have run out of some things at the moment

My 18 month old hits herself with an open hand and head butts walls/doors/floor when she is told no or doesnt get something she wants. hope she grows out of it soon.

I usually have a couple of little bets but this year I have just stuck to sweeps. I usually choose my horses by their name lol In the sweeps (Im in 7 lol) I have Zavite, Mr Medici (twice), Holberg (twice), Linton, Monaco Consul. So I will probably win nothing as usual

Do you have any or all or these? How often do you use them? Do you think they are actually useful as an exercise tool, or are they more just a bit of fun. Do you use them as often as you thougth you would when you purchased it, or is it abit like a lot of other things where the novelty wears off after a while. I have put Wii and a Wii Fit Plus on laybuy for xmas, but not sure if I want the Wii Fit Plus now, or if I should get the Active instead.

I would go part time if you your workplace offers it. You will find that a full week of child care, minus the money ou receive from centrelink now that you won't get if you are working, plus petrol costs etc will all add up and unless you are earning a really decent wage it won't be worth it. There are lots of ways to cut back and save money, and even if you can only put away a few $ each week, that will build up over time into a nice little savings taht you can put towardsa deposit for a house in the future.

I don't think you can go wrong with Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony stuff. All girls seem to love them.

Depends how tall she is as to what size you need. Best thing is to take her in and sit on her on one or two to check the sizing. Not all girls bikes come with 'girly' bits you can get some just plain ones.

Just found this..I think its Mel that dies. Rebecca Gibney recently told us that there were some very exciting top secret story lines coming up in Packed To The Rafters. And now after seeing these photos of the cast filming a funeral scene in Sydney today we can assume what they are. Someone is going to die! The obvious choice would have been Dave Rafter's sick mother Chel, but we spotted her in the photos. Noticably absent from the photos were three key cast members: Erik Thomson, Michael Caton and Zoe Ventoura. The photo they are talking was taken in Sydney when they were shooting the funeral