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In SA you can buy the wooden tracks that match up to Thomas at a variety of different toy shops. My Sister got two lots of 6 pieces of curved track for us $6 each. If you are in SA I can find out where she cant them from if you like.

Thanks ellie. We went last year and it was great, so I will definitely go again this year.

I turned 36 in February

I've been a member since mid 2004, had to change my name with the new site, and hence lost all my posts etc

We ended up getting Music and Lyrics - I like Hugh Grant, DP likes Drew Barymore. But would you believe we fell asleep before we could watch it lol so hopefully we'll get some quiet time today to sit down and enjoy it before it has to go back.

Has anyone seen any decent movies lately. Theres not much on tonight so I'm heading down to the video store. The only recent movie we have seen is Blood Diamonds? Anyone got any ideas?

I wanted to be a Vet but realised I wouldnt be able to put animals to sleep when needed. Also wanted to be a Kindy/Primary School teacher. The one thing I didnt want to do was work in an office, and guess what I do - yep Office Work lol.

I would love to come but unfortunately have work on Wednesdays. I thought of taking a sickie, but I have the Friday off 'cos I'm having a scan that day so probably not a good idea.

I went to K-Mart last year on the 2nd day and they still had plenty of everything that I wanted and there were no line ups or queues. I went to the Big W one on the first day and there was hardly anyone one there LOL not sue why but again I got everything I wanted and only had to wait about 5 mins to put my lay-by on. I'll go this year but want go first thing. I'll either go later in the afternoon or wait until the 2nd day.

Hi need to use the code from PseudoHTML, UBB Code and only use from <img> to </img> You then paste it into your signature which you access through Update Details (you have to be logged on for this). As long as its less than 50 chars (length of signature) you shouldnt have any problems