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Off the Demet topic a bit, but can someone tell me when/why Hayley is leaving. Is it becuase BB told them it was time for one of them to go sometime this week and they go to decide which one. I figured if they did that it would be Hayley as apparently she promised her best friend she would be bridesmaid in her wedding and didnt think she would last more than 3 weeks in the show.

I'm not sure how you wipe it completely but I know how to scrub and and reinstall it. What are you replacing it with. If its a new edition of windows eg. Vista, you should just be able to upgrade it I think?

Hi Stella I used the Huggies EDD thing to calculate my date and it is around the 17th of Jan 2008. I have to make an appt at the doctors to get it all confirmed and will go from there. I'll stick with 17 January until I hear any different. Hope the doctors are able to work things out for you. It must be so agonising and annoying having to wait so long and still not knowing. I'll check back in here to keep an eye on yours posts. Good luck with it all, I'll be sending baby dust your way. Tracy

Hi All I got a BFP today. The line is faint but it is definitely there. DP and I have checked it over and over in the last half an hour. Woo Hoo. I'm so excited, can't wipe the smile off my face, and just had to share the news. Stella cant wait to hear how you are going, and am hoping your get your BFP soon.

From what I can gather the member that started this post hasnt posted since (unless its under a different user name), so I think you can forget about getting the information she has promised. Although it wouldve been nice. If you are interested in free samples of all sorts of stuff try They have an area specifically for Australia/New Zealand. Ive received heaps of stuff.

I had to sit with my daughter when we moved her into a big bed. I always sat at the end of the bed, facing away from her, although I would talk to her to reassure her. At first I had to wait until she was asleep before I could leave. After a week (or so), I started to leave when she was just about to drift off to sleep. After another week (or so) I would sit for a few mins then leave whether she was asleep or not. Hope this helps.

My daughter wasnt toilet trained until a month before her 3rd birthday. We had one attempt prior to that in October last year. I figured I would wait until she was ready. I started when I was on leave from work after xmas, and she didnt quite get it. It took about a month of perservering and then one day it all just clicked. Can't really offer any magical advice, other than it will happen when they are ready. I too got sick of people telling me, oh she should be TT by now, or why is she still in nappies.

I hadnt even noticed it was there, until I read your post lol I usually just go to the same threads all time. I'll check it out now, thanks.

Stell There is still a chance you could be pregnant since AF hasnt turned up yet. Could be that the hormones that trigger the BFP are still low? I'm on day 29 and no AF or any signs of it. I've had terrible heartburn the last 2 days and the only time I got that was when pregnant with DD. Also before AF I get really really hungry and I've been the total opposite, no appetite at all. I did a test 2 days ago and it was a BFN but it was probably too early. If AF hasnt turned up tomorrow I will test again. Try to stay positive Stell and maybe test again in couple of days if AF hasnt turned up. Keep us informed and try to stay positive. Tracy

Breast or bottle? Breast till 8 weeks (no milk) then bottle Cot or co-sleep? Cot Cloth or disposable? Disposables Drive or walk? Drive and walk Cat or dog? Cat Routine or go with the flow? Flexible Routine Controlled crying - yes or no? Did it for a while (and it worked for us) Dummy / No Dummy? Dummy