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Hi Ladies I'm also in the TWW and have been trying on purpose to avoid this post as I was trying to put things out of my mind (iykwim), but thats almost impossible, as we all know. I've got between 3 and 8 days to wait until AF is due (its never regular) so nearly there, and I'm busting out of my skin to know. I have a few preg. tests tucked away so am thinking I might do one in a couple of days. Dont really have any physical feelings either way, but my mind is thinking this is our month. Hopefully I'm not too disappointed if its not. Congrats to all the ladies who got a BFP this month, I'm so hoping I can join that special club. Baby dust to all that are still waiting.

He Ladies I'm Tracy and I was previously treylace (just added the 2). I'm a long time member (since mid 2004). I usually check the site several times a day from work (3 days a week), and when at home usually check in at night once dd has gone to sleep.

I went private and couldnt fault it at all. I loved seeing the same midwife and obst. for all my visits and them being there for the delivery (even though m/wife wasn't required as it was a c-section). Had a private room with a private courtyard, and then was moved after 3 days to a double bed room so DP could also stay. They were great with everything and would love to go back there, but can't as they have closed the maternity ward. Have actually cancelled my hospital cover (did that when DP and I separated a while back), so for next one have to go public. Have heard great things about the hospital I will go to (when I eventually fall pregnant lol) and feel quite ok about it all, apart from seeing a different person for each visit, that will be a bit weird I think.

My daughter won't eat her vegies if they are just sitting on her plate all plain and boring, so we do a variety of things. She likes mashed potato, so I add, cauliflower, zucchini and broccoli to it and she eats it all up (if she is being fussy I make it into a face and use a dob of tomato sauce for eyes, nose and mouth). She has pasta with olives (loves her olives!) and grated carrot (doesnt even notice the grated carrot is in there). Also she surprised us the other day when she ate and absolutely loved vegetable quiche. We also make up some rissoles (with lamb) and add a variety of vegies to them. If I told her any of this food had vegetables in it, I know she would eat it lol.

Thanks for the chat (when I was able to respond lol) Think I might have to head off to bed now. was hoping for a sleep in tomorrow but since dp has gone out that won't happen and I'll have to settle for sleeping in on Sunday lol Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and that you successfully capture that cockroach!!! g'nite

lol at trying to attach you. I hate cockraoches as well. Grotty little things they are lol. We have been getting alot of crickets inside lately, I dont like them because they jump about. You go to squash or spray them and they hop away from you, or worse still jump on you lol they give me the creeps.

Did you find the cockroach? I love how the site blocks out the work cock no matter what context you put it in lol I had to reboot my computer, 'cos it went a bit spastic. For some reason it always does it when I have photoshop open, I think it uses up too much memory or something??

Sorry its taken me so long to reply, I was editing a photo in Photoshop and it froze on me when I saved the photo, its taken me ages to get it all going again...are you still about or have you headed off to bed?

lol I can understand that, having a few things appear in a place where you have just tidied. I'm from Paralowie in SA, about 30 mins north of the city. Pretty much lived around here (within 10 mins) for most of my life apart from a couple of years closer to the city. Where r u from?

lol I have to a bit a bit of that myself, plus a mound of washing. Hard to get it dry though. We are meant to get rain until Monday. Not going to complain though. Will just have to string a line under the verandah or something. I'm going out to tea tomorrow with with 2 of my g'friends which should be fun. Looking forward to a few hours to myself.