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I'm not sure if this is the same in all states, but here in SA we dont have the 18 month needles anymore. You still get the payment at about 20 months if the child is fully immunised. The next immunisation we have after the 1 year needles is at 4 years of age. Are other states the same?

Mine changes with the seasons. It is a reddish/blonde/brown coour. It naturally goes darker red in winter and lighter auburn in summer. It used to be all blonde but changed within a year. I have school photos from year 8 where it is a light blonde, and year 9 it is a dark red. I wish it stayed blonde lol.

I'd happily donate my milk if I was to have excess (had to stop b/feeding at 8 weeks due to not enuf milk), but I could never breast feed another baby, it just wouldnt feel right. I think the milk banks are a great idea, for those that are comfortable and happy to donate.

I'll be watching the football (Port v St Kilda) tonight, but will try and remember to log in so that it counts for the numbers.

Do a google search ofr baby shower invitations and heap of sites will come up (I just did it then). I did some for some daughters 3rd birthday and found some great sites where you could personalise and create your own, then print them off. Good luck with it.

Im in SA and we are on level 4 restrictions, but will be moving to level 5 on the 1st of July if we dont get any decent rain by them. The forecast this morning was rain from today through to Monday so you can only hope. Mind you its half cloudy/sunny here today and 26, def. doesnt look like its going to rain. We have done a few things to try to save water, like holding back on dishes until we know we have a full lot to do, taking shorter showers, flushing the toilet only when really necessary and I bought a hose for my washing machine so when I wash the water goes onto the lawns rather than just down the drain. Mel I tried looking at the artile you posted but the link didnt work? Would be interested in reading it if you can post it again, or tell me where to find it.

Mum O Cheeky I agree with you about Marty. He is annoying the crap out of me and has done for most of the show. Something about his smat alack (sp?) ways that I dont like. Not really sure who I want to win (I liked Damian and Mel), would be happy for one of the girls to win I think.

There are no males at the child care centre my daughter goes to but I wouldnt have a problem if there were. I think it would be good for kids to mix with both male and female "teachers" from a young age. My neice who started school last year, has a male teacher this year, and my sister had a few problems with her not wanting to go to school and it turned out it was 'cos the teacher was male - its her first experience with a male outside of family and friends and she was unsure. The problem would be alleviated if there were more males employes in child care and kindy.

I have a few but the couple that spring to mind are John Lennon - Imagine Bryan Adams - Heaven Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven

Hi my names Tracy, I'm 36 (oh so old!!) and have a daughter Emma who turned 3 in March. We are TTC#2. I'm from Paralowie, I work part time (3 days a week). Would love to chat to other Adelaide mums around the same age.