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**pink~elephants** started new topic needing help

We are trying to start TT with DD #1 she is 2.7 months old and have been trying on and off for 2 months. I thought she was getting the hang of it having a few accidents during the day, night nappy ...

Wednesday 19 January 07:23am

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Mums with bubs in Lismore.

im lazy i know i should post more in here just thpought id pop in and see how ppl are and whats happening waves hello buggies

Wednesday 08 April 02:25pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Mums with bubs in Lismore.

hi there im from lismore and have a 6 month old girl. what playgroups have u been to?

Thursday 08 January 01:12pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Lismore Mums

*waves* hi amber sorry havent replied in a while i forget i have a an account here half the time whats been happening???

Friday 28 November 07:28pm

**pink~elephants** started new topic ticker isnt changing

i cant remove/ change my ticker keeps with the old one can any one help?

Monday 06 October 04:05pm

**pink~elephants** started new topic Lismore Mums

just wanting to put a shout out to all the lismore mums that are here on huggies. If you are out come on in and say hello and we can start a chatting cheers

Monday 06 October 03:54pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Baby bonus

i know that from july 1st 2008 u will get $5000 in lump sum then in 1st january 2009 thats when the insltalments will happen and then july 1st 2009 is when it will b given out fortnightly.

Thursday 15 May 10:30am

**pink~elephants** started new topic come take a look....

if your interested in nutrimetics for yourself or someone special then y not have alook at mywebsite and see what products u would like to order or just take a look. cheers

Wednesday 07 May 10:12am

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Concerts whilst pregnant??

well im going to see hi 5 tomorrow and then korn next week and they are a really heavy band ( luckily outside cos last time i saw them it was inside and everything vibrated) i dont think bub should...

Tuesday 15 April 09:47am

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Multiple Issues. UPDATE!

yeah we applied for that thru dsq but didnt get it. but good luck thou cos they go off who is more in need of help and support ( even thou who ever applies always needs more help and support). hop...

Monday 14 April 05:27pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Nutrimetics Consultants

how r people going with their oders for the month? i havent gone too bad already have some orders and just want some mroe orders lol

Saturday 12 April 01:13pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Strange feelings - with baby kicking - TMI

i get that feeling too and i didnt know what it was cos sometimes it reallly hurts and is very uncomfortable. but figured just the childdoing something in there and having some fun before it has to...

Thursday 10 April 09:48am

**pink~elephants** replied to topic OMG u r huge r u sure there is only ONE??

i just get told im big but im only a small person too. i just hate all teh stares i get from ppl when i go to the shops and they see me waddling around. im not that young and yet i get those looks....

Saturday 05 April 04:54pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Can you have an elective C Section at 36/37 weeks?

i had mine during the 38 weeks which ive been told is normal. it also depends on the baby itself and the dr. no risk in having it 36or 37 weeks. baby is just as healthy.

Saturday 05 April 04:48pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Nutrimetics Consultants

i cant remember about the half price for the host but i know when u do product rebate thats what i can remember is what i gave to my host. i know i still have problems with it but u will get used ...

Monday 31 March 05:12pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic What are the chances...

the best thing for ur son is not to give him too many enemas otherwise the bowels get used to it and wont work on their own. same with some stimulants and laxatives. i use coloxyl drops with my son...

Monday 31 March 04:02pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Nutrimetics Consultants

hows it all going?

Saturday 29 March 09:59pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Dr Phil's wife Robin

i really wasnt interested in dr phil today robyn does act liek she is being 20 again cos of her dil but hey when u have money. mummycat: aparently dr phil has "changed" from when he has first star...

Saturday 29 March 09:51pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic Anyone else having c C-Sect in July 08?

im having a c section in duly my edd is 17th but it will b done around week 39 havent had a date set but thats all i know. ive had 2 emergency c sections so this one is elective

Friday 28 March 08:10pm

**pink~elephants** replied to topic HI5 is coming to Lismore.Anyone want to come:)

i am but u have already asked me that lol

Friday 28 March 02:38pm
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