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Clax replied to topic Are you due in August 2016?

Hi, I'm an oooold member from 2010 who has found themselves unexpectedly pregnant at 42 ????. I am hoping to join too please. I'm [email protected] My profile pic is a headshot of...

Monday 28 December 06:08pm

Clax replied to topic TTC July 2015

Hi Ladies, I am an oldies from waaaaaaay back. My youngest is now three so I haven't been around for a long time, I don't recognise many faces. Anyways, after thinking I was done, I ha...

Wednesday 08 July 09:50am

Clax replied to topic Liar, liar pants on fire.

Actually her doozy was a few weeks ago. She had a respitory attack and ended up in hospital. She was treated and after we were seen by an asthma care nurse. The nurse was telling is all the dos an...

Thursday 26 February 09:46pm

Clax replied to topic Liar, liar pants on fire.

Haha...mmmm.... Toilet water..... I spoke to her teacher today after school who said something along the same line as Zinkles, basically, it's encouraging that she has such an active imaginat...

Thursday 26 February 05:52pm

Clax started new topic Liar, liar pants on fire.

I have a question for mums with older kiddies. My DD1 started kindy a few weeks ago. She is liking it in general, but is coming home and lying her pants off about it! She has embarrassed me a cou...

Thursday 26 February 01:12pm

Clax replied to topic Clexane and worried

I injected clexane during both of my pregnancies from the moment they were deemed 'viable' (a heartbeat was found), until 6 weeks postpartum. I have a genetic condition called Leiden Fact...

Thursday 26 February 01:00pm

Clax replied to topic Anyone else needed surgery while bf?

I had to go in for surgery when bubs was four months old. I was put in the maternity ward to recover so I had bubs with me. She just stayed the night with me. She missed just one feed as I fed he...

Thursday 18 December 08:35pm

Clax replied to topic Help!

At Seven weeks Bub hasn't even worked out that she isn't still connected to you. They often call the first 3 months of a babies life the 4th trimester, because you basically need to carry...

Thursday 18 December 08:28pm

Clax replied to topic weight loss

Do you know why you have lost weight? Sometimes bubs kind of squashes your tummy and you can't eat the same volume. I know I would think I was starving at about this atage of pregnancy, and ...

Tuesday 25 November 08:06pm

Clax replied to topic Rotovirus vaccine

Its almost like a thick, ioly consistency too.

Monday 17 November 10:14am

Clax replied to topic Did this happen to you?!

I had terrible teeth too. My wisdom also popped up and abessed. So I had to have it out at 26 weeks. Hormones play havoc with your teeth and gums, not much you can do about it, but it clears up as...

Monday 27 October 02:41pm

Clax replied to topic Only 6 weeks but already showing

Yes it's tricky. I moaned a lot about eating too many donuts and needing to go on a diet to try and throw people off. But you do hold the weight in a specific way so its hard to hide. Baggy...

Thursday 23 October 05:07pm

Clax replied to topic Only 6 weeks but already showing

It is fairly common. Bare in mind that your baby is only the size of a grain of rice. It isnt really that you are 'showing' as such. It's just the the ligaments etc that hold your...

Thursday 23 October 04:23pm

Clax started new topic Ovulation tests? Help?

If you internet shop, you can buy 50 tests + 10 pregnancy tests for like $11 with free postage off ebay. That's all I did, as I was buying them from the supermarket and it was getting expensi...

Thursday 16 October 01:17pm

Clax replied to topic Nuchal Translucency results clarification

1:970 means your baby has one chance out of every nine hundred and seventy births of having downs syndrome. In other words, that's around a 0.01% chance if that puts your mind at rest.

Thursday 16 October 01:14pm

Clax replied to topic opinions please! - Aurora, nice or not

It's a sweet name. In tassie it's the name of s power company though

Monday 13 October 09:55pm

Clax replied to topic worried? :/

You should chat to your GP about it. The one thing is though to never stop taking them suddenly. Some are better than others during pregnancy, and you will need to chat with your doctor as to th...

Monday 06 October 09:19am

Clax replied to topic Girl name not ending in a??

I like Anouk ???? How about Violet Peggy Annalise Peggy Harriet Peggy Or if you go with Margurite Poppy Margurite Eloise Margurite Hazel Margurite Dolly Margurite

Monday 29 September 03:29pm

Clax replied to topic 28 weeks pregnant, baby measuring 3 weeks ahead.

My ob doesn't measure as it's really not that accurate. It doesn't take into account, babies position, your fluid levels, your body weight, your muscle tone, or growth spurts. You mi...

Friday 26 September 06:26am

Clax replied to topic Restistant Eaters in Childcare

She has been diagnosed as having a resistant eating disorder and SPD by an OT and a speech therapist. Unfortunately the centre is very strict on bringing in food as there is a child with a life thr...

Thursday 25 September 07:55pm
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