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pammai replied to topic bottle/cup dilemma

I know what you mean, just visited the childhood centre for my boys 18month check up and according to them the big rule is they shouldn't have any bottles anymore and drink everything out of a cup ...

Tuesday 30 November 11:03am

pammai started new topic My toddler is a biter and won't stop

I am desperate for any advice/suggestions my little innocent gorgeous 18month old just won't stop biting other kids even babies, its like he gets on a high everytime he bites a child and its not al...

Thursday 28 October 07:37am

pammai replied to topic Epidurals.... To have or not to have???

After listenening to the risks an epidural carries during parenting classes, my thoughts towards an epidural were not good anymore. I was worried, but then realized that everything is a risk includ...

Thursday 01 January 10:36am
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