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Alvon started new topic Stockman Weekender Folding picnic table from KMart - Any comments?

Hi, Just wondering if anyone have used/heard the folding picnic table available from KMart. Are they reliable or are they useful? Thanks in advance, sharon

Saturday 13 December 09:36am

Alvon started new topic Is it safe to bring a 2 y/o to ski?

Hi, I am seeking for some advice as to whether I should bring my 2 y/o to the snowy mountain. My hubby is worried that the child may be ill due to the cold weather. Does anyone else have similar...

Saturday 26 July 12:34pm

Alvon started new topic Love n Care 3-wheeler stroller

Hi, I would like to ask if anyone has tried the Love n Care 3-wheeler type stroller? Are they good? We are now looking for a 3 wheeler, so any recommendations would be good. Thanks Sharon

Tuesday 22 April 08:03am

Alvon started new topic Constipation in bf baby - Chiropractor?

Hello, I have a 5 1/2 mths baby and he has been having irreguar bowel movements, the last one being 12 days not having a single output. He is fully breastfeed at the moment. I have read up and ap...

Friday 02 March 08:50am

Alvon started new topic Not drinking milk - a sign of self-weaning?

Hi, I have a 10.5 mths old boy whom I have been breastfeeding exclusively till now. He usually has 3 bottles of 130ml of ebm whilst I'm at work. However, he doesnt seem to be interested in his m...

Monday 04 October 07:11am

Alvon replied to topic Manual Breast pumps

Hi Kristy, Just to share with you my experience on using the Avent pump. Its fantastic! I would easily get a lot more than using the Medela electric whilst expressing at work and its more discreet...

Tuesday 15 June 07:53am

Alvon replied to topic Manual Breast pumps

Hey, thanks all for your feedback. Its greatly appreciated and I will buy an Avent pump today!

Monday 07 June 05:02am

Alvon started new topic Manual Breast pumps

Hi, I'm now looking for manual breast pumps. Currently I'm using the electric breast pumps at home (Madela & NUK) but they are too noisy to use whilst at work. Does anyone have any suggestions on ...

Sunday 06 June 07:03am

Alvon replied to topic Breastmilk Storage

Hi There, Thanks to all who have replied to this post. I will try the alternatives suggested.

Thursday 11 March 08:05am

Alvon started new topic Breastmilk Storage

Hi, I am breastfeeding my 4mth old boy currently. I will be returning to work soon and thought of expressing milk in advance to be frozen. Has anyone had any suggestions on the type of storage c...

Tuesday 09 March 11:15am

Alvon replied to topic expressing milk

Hi Yonny, Have you had more information on thawing frozen milk. I was told not to use boiling water to thaw as this will cause the milk to turn bad, is this true? BTW, have you had any other sugg...

Tuesday 09 March 10:57am

Alvon replied to topic Most indispensible baby accessories & Equipment

Hi Leanne_Williams, Have you had a chance to find out where to get the toy camera? I would love to get one for my son. Thanks in advance, sharon

Tuesday 17 February 08:06am

Alvon started new topic White-head like pimples

Hi, My son Jason is now 3 weeks old and he is having an outbreak of white-head like pimples all over his face. Does anyone know what's the cause of this? Is this casued by the breast milk? If the ...

Sunday 14 December 09:18am
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