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Mikki_E started new topic Colon Cleanse

So at the risk of TMI, it's been weeks since I had a satisfactory bowel motion. I've got sciatica REALLY bad and it's affecting my bowel abilities. Extreme constipation! I've tried eating fruit ...

Friday 17 December 11:38pm

Mikki_E replied to topic Pulling the dumb blonde act to get out of something......

I've absolutely used my pregnancy to full advantage (well, more the fact that my back is really bad AND I happen to be pregnant).

Tuesday 14 December 11:02pm

Mikki_E replied to topic Family....vent!!!

Mothers, they can be so unbelievable. And being an adult child of divorce is also unbelievable. I can't believe the crap I have put up with in my adult years. Until one day I realised I actually...

Tuesday 14 December 11:00pm

Mikki_E replied to topic Xmas pressie for MIL

My IL's love bad music and shows etc, so we all pitch in and get them Ticketek vouchers every year - then they can see whatever they like

Tuesday 14 December 10:54pm

Mikki_E replied to topic Misscarrying as we speak

You'll be OK! Just keep an eye on things and remember the Dr's and emergency services are there for a reason, so don't think you're being silly if you have to call for reassurance. I went through...

Tuesday 14 December 10:44pm

Mikki_E started new topic Germ Phobia

I'm a bit of a germ phobe - not to the OCD standard, but I always wash my hands after handling all the usual dodgy stuff and wipe surfaces and avoid sick people wherever I can. And I refuse to eat...

Saturday 11 December 05:37am

Mikki_E replied to topic Has anyone ever

havent done that but i have told my kids (3.8 and 2.4 at christmas) that at the start ofthe year santa has a huge pile of presents then everytime they are naughty he puts one back. everytime they ...

Thursday 09 December 10:35pm

Mikki_E replied to topic Why me

Sorry to be so blunt, but you're clearly not dealing with a normal person here. It's hard to ignore when someone hurts your feelings and says hurtful things about your family......BUT you shouldn'...

Thursday 09 December 10:31pm

Mikki_E replied to topic Does anyone ever worry..

I don't - it's as futile as worrying about the weather or bad drivers.

Thursday 09 December 02:40am

Mikki_E replied to topic What the fudge is with this weather??

Mmm fudge. I am going to make fudge.

Wednesday 01 December 10:28pm

Mikki_E replied to topic Is your partner like this??

I sometimes WISH my DH would invest in some quality labelled clothing. He insists on buying the cheapest of trackies - which end up pilled and faded after 3 washes - and cheap t shirts that go so ...

Wednesday 01 December 10:28pm

Mikki_E replied to topic I don;'t want to put up the christmas tree today :(

Obviously I've always known that to lose a child must be the worst thing you can ever have to deal with - but now that I am about to have my own child, I can't think of anything scarier to have to ...

Wednesday 01 December 10:22pm

Mikki_E replied to topic Grrr at my Grad Ball dress..

I like the original. I have the same issue with feeling "secure" in some of my dresses - so I have a stash of 'Hollywood Tape' from Bra's n Things. If anyone ever knew how much my dresses were gl...

Friday 26 November 02:38am

Mikki_E replied to topic Anyone use paw paw ointment as a nappy rash cream?

I ate a lot of paw paw at the start of my pregnancy and then heard it had a contraceptive/abortive effect..... BUT - only when it's unripe/green and only large amounts of the seeds. So far so goo...

Wednesday 24 November 10:39pm

Mikki_E replied to topic What temp do you put the air con on??

If it's forecast 28 and over, i set the a/c to come on at about 2pm and i set it at 24. i used to insist on having it on as cold as i could get it, and scoffed at the recommendations of 24 - but i...

Tuesday 23 November 02:21am

Mikki_E replied to topic Gay Marriage

IMO, gay marriage should definitely be legal - if the case was purely black & white, couple in love, own a house, a dog, cat and car. Politically/legally, I can see where gay marriage might open a...

Friday 19 November 10:20pm

Mikki_E replied to topic Oils aint Oils

Why was my immediate thought "I thought cottonseed was bad for you" ? Clearly that can't be right - is there something else I have wrongly associated there?? And palm oil is bad, bad, bad! For Or...

Friday 19 November 05:50am

Mikki_E replied to topic Hepatitis B

I will also be delaying the Hep B shot until my baby is a few weeks old. I will definitely get him/her immunised for it, but only once adjusted to life a little bit!

Thursday 18 November 09:55pm

Mikki_E replied to topic Oils aint Oils

Olive oil breaks down very quickly when heated, so it's more a case of economics when using it for cooking. Sunflower oil has the highest smoke-point, so is best for frying. Next best is Rice Bra...

Thursday 18 November 09:47pm

Mikki_E replied to topic gift ideas for under $20

We also spend $20 per child. Call us foolish, but we got our 3 nephews (7, 5, 3) water pistols from Toys'r'Us - they were in 2 packs for $30 (we have a spare now so I can surprise DH with it at an...

Wednesday 17 November 10:18pm
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