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kai'smum replied to topic Young mum

hi i am 18 with a 13mth old son Malakai. i am a single working mother, and also live with my parents. Malakai's father pretty much as nothing to do with him, saw him on christmas only coz i had to...

Thursday 28 April 04:43pm

kai'smum replied to topic Single Parents and Partnered Parents

hi i am a young single working mother and would love someone to talk to in the same stituation.

Thursday 28 April 04:32pm

kai'smum replied to topic comments welcome

i prefer something different i named my son Malakai Torres Willyam (William), but Malakai doesn't seem to be that different no that i have named him that everyone knows someone with that name.

Wednesday 03 November 08:20am

kai'smum replied to topic "A Boy Name"

hi jbeans Maekhan is different, my sons name is Malakai also spelt Malachi. i also like Lamonta, A'zjon, Tre' good luck

Wednesday 03 November 08:12am

kai'smum replied to topic I'd love some opinions too!!

hi there, i had the same trouble when i was pregnant i had tonnes of girls names but no boys names, i ended up havin a boy and naming him Malakai Torres Willyam. i like Ethan James, some other boys...

Wednesday 03 November 08:08am

kai'smum replied to topic Please help me!

i think Shayla Rose us Shayla is different there are a lot of Jordyn's getting around. good luck manda

Wednesday 03 November 07:55am

kai'smum replied to topic unusal baby names?

hi 1st congrats on your little girl and your pregnancy. i have a little boy and his name is Malakai. if i had a girl i was going to name her Kyani some other names could be Tre', Lamonta, A'zjon...

Wednesday 03 November 07:48am
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