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Lcrook25 started new topic Baby Jogger City Classic

Hi If anyone knows anyone that would like to buy a great second hand pram, I have a baby jogger city classic single pram and rain cover for sale. Pram is 2 years old and always looked after kept ...

Friday 17 February 02:06am

Lcrook25 started new topic Weight Loss App

Hi everyone, Iam looking for a weight loss for an android phone that also has a breastfeeding feature. Otherwise has anyone used the myfitnesspal app while breastfeeding? Thanks

Wednesday 08 February 06:57am

Lcrook25 replied to topic Christmas 2010

Thanks, like the idea of doing my own shirt for her to wear. They look great too.

Wednesday 27 October 01:13am

Lcrook25 started new topic Christmas 2010

Does anyone know where to get cute clothes for kids to wear at christmas, that are climate friendly? I have a daughter who will be nearly 8 months

Saturday 23 October 02:45am

Lcrook25 started new topic Naming Day

I need help - i have 3 naming days in November and have no idea what to get for gifts. Don't want to spend a fortune and want to try and avoid getting something someone else might give them. One i...

Tuesday 19 October 01:55am

Lcrook25 replied to topic Baby jogger city select

Hi, just wandering if anyone has a baby jogger city select?? If so, what do u think of it?? I've bought soooooo many prams over the last 5 years and am hoping if I buy a city select that it would ...

Tuesday 19 October 01:30am

Lcrook25 replied to topic Rear View Mirrors

Hi, I got that mirror for our baby girl from Big W, she love's it. the mirror is big enough that i can see her whole body. The music and the lights keep her entertained if she gets a bit restless ...

Wednesday 01 September 01:58am
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