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Kaza replied to topic Quick and easy dinners

When my daughter was one we used to give her Hashbrowns or Potato gems for lunch if we were in a hurry. You could also try chicken nuggetts, potato wedges, fish fingers etc... Most of the foods you...

Wednesday 03 December 02:04pm

Kaza replied to topic Sores

Hi Nicole. It sounds as though my daughter has the same spots as your little girl. I went to the doctor and he said that you can pop the big ones if they look red and sore and then put some betadin...

Thursday 20 November 09:13pm

Kaza replied to topic They Grow Up Too Fast

They grow up so fast that you wonder where that little tiny baby that you had in the hospital went. I recently went through all of my daughters baby clothes and I had a few tears. They were the sma...

Monday 17 November 09:04pm

Kaza replied to topic Any suggestions for feeding sick kids?

I have herd about a vitamin that comes in a liquid form than you can get from a chemist. It is supposed to help your child to gain an appetite again after being unwell. Also i find that when my dau...

Monday 17 November 08:48pm

Kaza replied to topic Moving into a big bed

I was a little sacred at first about moving my daughter into a big bed, but i think she loved it more than i did. My husband and i took her shopping for her bed and when we found the one we liked w...

Saturday 15 November 10:42pm
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