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Deena replied to topic Your Dental Tips

My son is only 14 months, but every morning I say to him "time to brush our teeth" and he follows me into the bathroom. I give him his toothbrush and I have mine and he tries to copy me. I am hop...

Tuesday 21 September 02:02pm

Deena replied to topic 7 month old Scared of different noises

Hi, my friends little girl use to hate the sound of plastic bags too. For some reason it was put down to when she was teething?? She has grown out of it now.

Tuesday 15 June 12:45am

Deena replied to topic weening off dummy

Hi, my 10 month old boy has always slept with a dummy. We did go through a stage of him waking for it and I would go in a pop it back in, but now he can find it himself and maybe once a night I ha...

Tuesday 11 May 12:50am

Deena replied to topic Pillows

I heard that after 12 months was ok. Everyone is differant I guess.

Thursday 01 April 02:48pm

Deena replied to topic Baby 6mth wont sleep in pram

Hi, my little man did not like sleeping in the pram either until around 6 1/2 months. I started back at work and my caregiver takes him for a walk every morning around his morning nap time and he ...

Thursday 01 April 02:47pm

Deena replied to topic When to stop dream feed?

Hi, my little man finally stopped the 11pm feed at around 7 months. He use to wake for this feed himself, then sleep through till about 6-7. He also goes down at 7pm. What happens if you don't w...

Thursday 01 April 02:41pm

Deena replied to topic used to sleep through, now wakes 2-3 times !!!! help

My little boy also did the wakings at around the 6-7months. At 8 1/2 months he still does it (don't despair though) We also did not do controlled crying as it was too hard to listen to. I go in ...

Thursday 25 March 05:54pm

Deena replied to topic Going back to work

Hi, I went back to work when my little boy was 6 months old. I put lots of pictures up of him and talk about him constantly to other parents in the firm. I look forward to finish time everyday be...

Thursday 25 March 05:46pm

Deena replied to topic Nappies at night

My little boy goes to bed at 7pm - and sleeps to between 6-7am. How do you keep them up any later?? He is a nightmare at night and around 7pm needs to have his last bottle and go to bed. He is 8 ...

Tuesday 16 March 02:41am

Deena started new topic Nappies at night

Hi, my little boy finally started sleeping through the night with out a bottle. My new distress is that in the mornings he has soaked through his nappy and pj's. I use Huggies nappies. Does anyo...

Saturday 13 March 02:37am

Deena replied to topic Settles for naps perfectly during day, not at night!

Hi Sophie's mum, I find my little man goes to bed better at night if his afternoon sleep is either 1 hour or less, sometimes even no afternoon sleep. He is 6 1/2 months old. He has a good morning...

Thursday 29 January 05:14pm

Deena replied to topic best time of day to feed baby

Hi, apparently you should feed them when they are the in a happy mood so to make it an enjoyable experience for them. If he has never slept through the night, feeding him at night close to bedtim...

Tuesday 27 January 04:32pm

Deena replied to topic Getting to sleep

Hi, I heard that if you are trying to change their routine of going to bed late to an earlier time to decrease the time each few days by 15 minutes. EG if 10pm is the bed time, try 9.45 for 3-4 da...

Tuesday 27 January 04:25pm

Deena replied to topic Disturbed sleep

Hi, Definately no change - in fact he has now got worse. Last night after his 11pm feed he would not go back to sleep and the letting him cry didn't work either. He was up till 2am then went back...

Sunday 18 January 06:09am

Deena replied to topic Feeling Guilty

Don't feel guilty at all!!! Sometimes there is too much pressure put on us women to breastfeed - But reality these days is some of us can't. I tried for 2 weeks and my bub lost lots of weight and ...

Saturday 10 January 05:33am

Deena replied to topic Dad don't want no more!

Hi Mandy, It may be that because you are both young, he feels like he will be missing out on other things in life because of the children. Are there things he wants too do that the children would ...

Saturday 10 January 05:26am

Deena replied to topic Disturbed sleep

Hi Nat, I have a 6 month old baby boy who is doing the same thing. He goes to bed at between 7-7.30pm wakes at 11pm for a bottle then use to sleep till between 6-7am. But now he has begun waking...

Saturday 10 January 05:17am

Deena replied to topic formulas

HI, I have always used S26 Gold as I was told it was the better one of them all due to all these extra things in it. At first Kiefer seemed to get an upset tummy from it which it was suggested tha...

Wednesday 07 January 05:20am

Deena replied to topic WHEN DO BABIES START TO TEETHE ?

Hi Lisa, It is really hard to tell with teething. My little man is 6 months and he has had all these symptoms but still no teeth. From what I understand their teeth can go up and down for quite ...

Wednesday 07 January 05:15am

Deena started new topic Bad Teether

Hi, just want to know if anyone has had a baby who teeths really badly - and buy this I mean they have extremely high temperatures and can go for hours and hours without any sleep unless cuddled or...

Sunday 04 January 07:22am
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