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RKBE replied to topic 20 week scan shows only 1 kidney

My nephew was born with one kidney and he is now a teenager and as far as I know he has been fine and had no problems. I believe the only thing that will affect him is that he may not be able to ha...

Friday 24 April 03:49pm

RKBE replied to topic help

Congratulations on your baby. I know how hard the early days can be as both my kids cried all day and night and never slept. I found it very distressing and I was exhausted. I did whatever it took ...

Tuesday 21 April 07:08pm

RKBE replied to topic bleeding and back pains

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I can not begin to imagine the pain you must be experiencing right now. Big hugs to you. RIP Aimey and Bailey xxx

Thursday 12 March 09:52am

RKBE replied to topic bleeding and back pains

Sorry to hear you are going through this stressful time. I experienced bleeding through out my pregnancy with my son so thankfully it does not always mean a miscarriage. When I had bleeding I went ...

Tuesday 10 March 12:26pm

RKBE replied to topic Pregnant, Single and having trouble with ex's family.

Sounds like a difficult situation for you but I think it is important to remember that your baby is eventually going to want to know who their father and grand parents are so even if you don't...

Friday 06 February 03:37pm

RKBE replied to topic Birth advice and such.

If you are worried you could look into hiring a doula.

Sunday 11 January 09:34pm

RKBE replied to topic Toy Guns as Christmas Gifts

I personally don't think it's a problem. I highly doubt just because a child plays with toy guns they are going to become a gun wielding killer.

Sunday 14 December 05:06pm

RKBE replied to topic ABOUT TO LOOSE MY *

It sounds like your household is a very stressful place. If you are filled with so much anger and stress I think you should look at getting counselling to help you to find better ways to cope becau...

Thursday 04 December 08:03am

RKBE replied to topic 4.5 year old toilet training issues

Sorry no experience with this but I thought I would ask if you have considered taking your son to see a pediatrition just to make sure no health problems are causing this. My daughter is the same...

Wednesday 03 December 08:44am

RKBE replied to topic Am I doing the right thing after 6 months of no sleep?

Your son sounds like my son. He has food intolerance to dairy and fructose. Poor sleep is a classic symptom. Intolerance can not be tested for other than avoidance. When exposed to dairy for exampl...

Sunday 23 November 08:36pm

RKBE replied to topic Could there be some problems?

Hi Mandy, I just read your post and could have sworn you were writing about my son LOL. I'm not concerned about my son as I believe that all children develop at different ages. Naturally like...

Tuesday 19 August 11:10pm

RKBE replied to topic My 11mth old seems to hate being with me

Hi Scott, Just wanted to let you know that this is common behaviour. My daughter went through this and my son is currently going through this now. My husband gets upset about it as he takes it per...

Thursday 03 July 09:37am

RKBE replied to topic Threatened miscarriage - Subchorionic haemorrhage

I bled on and off throughout my entire pregnancy which was terrifying. I thought I would loose my baby everytime it happened. I went to emergency so many times I lost count. I was told I had a subc...

Thursday 22 May 01:51pm

RKBE replied to topic To pull out of daycare or not?

Hi Pooki Mummy, Your story sounds very similar to what I experienced with my daughters pre school/day care. The centre my daughter went to was poorly run, my daughter was not her confident self, s...

Wednesday 21 May 09:11pm

RKBE replied to topic Secondary Infertility

We had secondary infertility after easily conceiving our first. The doctors all recommend if you have no luck after a year of trying it is time to see your dr. I thought it meant we would need Ivf ...

Monday 31 March 10:42pm

RKBE replied to topic Craving Milk??

I craved milk during both my pregnancies. I drank litres of milk per week. I just couldn't get enough LOL. Unfortunately my second born is allergic to dairy products. I now wonder if my excess...

Friday 14 March 06:32pm

RKBE replied to topic Question about the birth certificate.

I think every child has a right to know who his or her father is. I think it is in a childs best interest to know who both their parents are. I can't imagine how I would feel if my own mother ...

Saturday 15 February 10:46pm

RKBE replied to topic Persisting nappy rash

Has your paediatrician considered a food allergy as babies allergic to dairy proteins can suffer from persistant nappy rash. If your baby is 100% breastfed your baby can still be getting any dairy ...

Monday 09 September 01:18pm

RKBE replied to topic Bottle Aversion, GERD and Neocate

So sorry to hear that you have both been going through such a stressful time. My baby has had alot of similar health problems too. I would be asking for your ped to give you a referral to a pediatr...

Monday 19 August 12:26pm

RKBE replied to topic Anyone else got this random huggies email lol

I got it too.

Friday 10 May 10:13pm
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