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SJP replied to topic Gestational Diabeties

I have also been diagnosed with gestational diabetes am about 32 weeks now. I don't think that you should show any symptons of having high sugar levels as generally levels will not be as high as i...

Saturday 03 February 07:39am

SJP started new topic Sickos in this world

I am just writing this to remind everyone to never take their eyes of their children. There was an incident at a popular South Australian playground on the weekend where a 3 YO girl went into a tu...

Wednesday 20 September 05:25am

SJP replied to topic Info and advice about being induced please

I was induced as my labour wasn'st progressing and also had really high blood pressure. I can say that the drip certainly causes you to know that you are in labour, I had an almost automatic need ...

Friday 11 August 05:25am

SJP started new topic Anyone horse riding while pregnant

Hi Just wondering if anyone is riding or did ride while pregnant. With my first pregnany I did'nt confirm I was pregnant till I was about 11 weeks so was riding the entire time, I then rode till a...

Saturday 05 August 05:52am

SJP started new topic Just for today poem

Can anyone help me find the poem which I think was called "Just for Today" which someone posted. I really liked it and wanted to print it and now I can't find it. Thanks

Sunday 02 July 07:16pm

SJP replied to topic 1 yr old wakes between 3 and 5am every day, so tired...

Have you tried to keep your little one up for an extra hour at night time, if you can it may encourage an hour extra in the morning. I'm not sure about the older one, but maybe it is because of th...

Sunday 02 July 06:59pm

SJP replied to topic DOGS.....

Hi We have a 2 year old daughter and 2 dogs,one is a red heeler cross bull terrier and the other is a pure red heeler. We never leave kids alone with either of the dogs, but the pure red heeler wa...

Saturday 01 July 05:40am

SJP replied to topic gestational diabetes

Don't be too stressed, I did'nt have it but my sister did and she managed it with diet and just having to check her sugar levels after each meal. I also had a friend who had to take insulin, and t...

Tuesday 20 June 06:36am

SJP replied to topic the strange things strangers say when your out with your kids

I was out having lunch with my mum, Grandma and 2 year old daughter,there was an elderly couple on the table next to us. My daughter started to wander off so I called out to her. Her name is Ambe...

Saturday 17 June 08:15am

SJP replied to topic Does anyone know???

Just looked at the family assistance website and the payment for this year is $627.80 per child. Hope this helps

Saturday 10 June 07:27pm

SJP replied to topic 12 months plus - need a good book

Try Toddler Taming,by Dr Christopher Green, easy to understand and very informative, has helped me on many occasions.

Friday 07 April 07:44pm

SJP replied to topic FLAT SPOT

My daughter had the flattest head on one side, CAFHS Nurse very concerned. Doctor said don't worry it will even out. Guess what he was right she is almost 2 not much more hair than back then, and...

Monday 06 March 09:17pm

SJP replied to topic Immunisation - who isn't ?

I guess that the decision is yours to make, but I will just say to you that our daughter is 21 months old, and has had every needle including chicken pox vaccination, and has never had any sort of ...

Monday 06 March 09:00pm

SJP replied to topic Help still waking up during the night

You have to get her out of your bed, she knows what she wants and she is getting it. I can see that you would be really tired, but maybe you should try controlled crying. Our almost 2 yr old wen...

Monday 06 March 08:42pm

SJP replied to topic My son plays with his Poo's!!!

I think that maybe you would have to get him up as soon as possible, he would be pooing when he is awake so if possible don't let him get the chance to do it. He is probably awake and bored, so th...

Monday 06 March 08:32pm

SJP replied to topic Circumcision

Hi Leonie I don't have a son,so won't bore you with my opinions, I don't know where you are from, but if you truly would like to get your son circumsised, if you can find a practice with an older (...

Tuesday 28 February 08:18am

SJP replied to topic how long between teeth?

My daughter didn't get any teeth until about ten months and then her two bottom ones came together, she is now 21 months and has cut them all over the place, she still only has 4 down the bottom, b...

Tuesday 28 February 07:59am

SJP replied to topic taking away dummy and going to a big bed

Hi Our daughter is also 21 months old and likes her dummy. We try not to let her have it unless it is sleep time, Don't really see the rush to take away a comfort item, so long as they are not us...

Monday 27 February 09:03pm

SJP replied to topic How much milk for 20 month old

Hi My childhood nurse recommends minimum 600ml per day so I think that you are on the right track and certainly wouldn't hurt her to have more. My daughter is also 20 months old and doesn.t really...

Thursday 02 February 08:45am

SJP replied to topic Help me - 33 weeks with 2.9 kg baby!

I had a scan at 36 weeks, beacause Doctor thought that I was large for that amount of time, Told me baby was around 6 pounds, she was born 2 weeks later and was 7 pounds 9 ozs Don't be too concern...

Thursday 20 October 04:05am
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