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lkraj1 replied to topic Reflux

Hi, My son, now 5months old, has reflux. We also tried everything that other mums mentioned here - anti colic, burping, keeping upright after feeds, elevating the cot, etc. One thing I found ver...

Tuesday 16 December 01:42pm

lkraj1 replied to topic Survey: Vomiting Baby Research

Hi, I had two normal deliveries - My daughter did not have any problems; But my son is 5 months old now, but still vomits - he has colic and reflux. Cheers.

Tuesday 16 December 01:12pm

lkraj1 replied to topic thumb sucking in babies

Hi all, I have a 3 montsh old baby and since two days he has started sucking his thumb. Though it looks very cute and I enjoy seeing him putting his thumb so beautifully in his mouth, I am really ...

Friday 10 October 09:13am
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