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pina replied to topic Tummy Sleeping

Our child sleeps on her back, although when sleeping on my chest she sleeps on her stomach. My sister in laws purchased a "Baby Sense II" which you place under the cot matress, it senses the moveme...

Sunday 14 December 04:17pm

pina replied to topic I am scared of going into labour

Lillian I just had my little girl over three weeks ago she was my first to. When its time to go to the hospital just try and keep carm.Labour was much better than what I expected I think its becaus...

Tuesday 02 December 03:25pm

pina replied to topic Its a girl

Hi marti, Kristin was 6lb 1oz and was 48cm long, the labour was good and will do it all again but not just yet.

Tuesday 02 December 03:14pm

pina started new topic Its a girl

Hey everyone' Went in to hospital for an induction wich wasn't as bad as I thought, as The midwife started to put me on the monitor I was told that my contraction had started {with out feeling any ...

Thursday 20 November 01:03pm

pina replied to topic Inductions

Thanks for both of your inputs, My Obsertrecian is male and it just sounds more comforting from people who have had it done to themselfs. It is a bit scary being told when to go into Hospital than ...

Wednesday 05 November 09:19am

pina replied to topic Pain Relief

Thankyou to everyone who replyed back. All of you have made me feel alot better about not feeling bad if I need to use some kind of pain relief. I am going to try a natural birth but have the pain ...

Wednesday 05 November 08:57am

pina replied to topic Widgets Arrived Plus Birth Story

Congratulations, i'm so glad that you and your baby girl are fine. Thanks for the birth story just hope I'm as brave as you were and everything goes well.You can injoy little Chelsea and watch her ...

Wednesday 05 November 08:29am

pina started new topic Inductions

Hey everyone, Just been the the obsetrician and everthing is fine I'm due on the 5th of Nov but was told that if I go over He will only let me go over for 7 days cause he is concerned about the bab...

Saturday 01 November 09:29am

pina replied to topic GROIN PAIN AND PRESSURE

Hey, My baby is due on the 5th of nov. I am also experiencing groin pain. My Obstetrician said that the pain should settles down in 1 to 2 weeks its caursed by the baby pressure. My pain is very un...

Thursday 25 September 05:42pm

pina started new topic Baby monitor

Hi everyone, Just about finished the Nursery and was woundering wich brand of Baby monitor is good. can anyone give me a brand on one that they have and are happy with. Thanks Pina.

Thursday 25 September 11:45am

pina replied to topic 1st time and excited!!!

Ange Thankyou for your kind words. People tend to tell you what can go wrong and how much pain you can be in. Thay forget to tell you about the joy of holding your baby in your arms and not even th...

Friday 19 September 04:51pm

pina replied to topic Whats a good pram?

We just bought a new pram and found it to be the best for us it is a "Valco" Rounabout 2. It has three wheels and is very light to handle. It also has a Toddler seat that is can be adjusted at the ...

Friday 19 September 07:18am

pina started new topic Pain Relief

Hi my name is Pina, Im about to have my first baby in seven weeks and would like to have some feed back about what pain relief works the best when in labour I would like to try and have a natural b...

Thursday 18 September 05:50pm

pina replied to topic Breastfeeding

Hi my name is Pina, I'm about to have my first baby and the more I learn about breastfeeding is you shouldn't be embarrased by it. I have been out with some ladies that have done what you are doin...

Thursday 18 September 05:07pm

pina replied to topic 1st time and excited!!!

Hi lindsay, My name is Pina Im 26 from Sydney. My husband and I are also expecting our first child on the 5th of November. We didn't find out what sex the baby is we thought it will be a nice surpr...

Sunday 14 September 05:25pm
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