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bub12 replied to topic Worried about weight.

I am in a similar boat! My DD does not rate on the weight scale. At 14 months she is not even 8kg! I kept a diary of her food intake and what I was offering her over 2-3weeks. I took this informat...

Monday 30 July 10:27pm

bub12 replied to topic engorged breasts

-Cabbage leaves inserted into your bra. -massage the area in the shower - heat packs -call your MCH - go and see a physio

Monday 30 July 09:51pm

bub12 replied to topic When and how to get rid of those bottles!

With a new baby coming, I would leave well alone! Their whole world will be changed considerably. I do not know about you, but I would rather a happy child around me when dealing with the trials a...

Monday 30 July 09:15pm

bub12 replied to topic Bub only wants to eat fruit & not veges............What should I do??

I would continue to offer vegies on her plate without making a big deal out of it if she does not eat it. Try to eat vegies in front of bubs.Try not to give in too much with fruit, over a variety...

Monday 30 July 09:01pm

bub12 replied to topic 7 Month old will only sleep thru night with mummy

Mine did not sleep through until she was about 11mos! They will do it in their own time. But that does not make it any easier for you though.... Good luck, we saw a sleep specialist (not a sleep ...

Monday 30 July 08:54pm

bub12 replied to topic Huggies nappies Not as absorbent anymore

Contact Kimberley Clark and tell them. You will find the contact details on the nappy box. I think they would appreciate your feedback.

Monday 30 July 08:49pm

bub12 replied to topic Feeling a bit crappy - need co sleeping advice

I had similar frustrations! I co-slept on occasion for my sanity. In the end I was sleep deprived for 10months( yes she woke every 3-4 hours every day until she was 10mos). Consider these? -Try ...

Friday 06 July 11:21pm

bub12 replied to topic Amber necklace.......................

I cannot see the difference. For me it seems, it was a bit of a waste of money. I seem to be the odd one out on here and with my friends....if it works for you, then go for it! Medicos do not bel...

Friday 06 July 11:05pm

bub12 replied to topic AMBER BEADS

Well I was a real skeptic!! WAS that is.... My DD has had them on for two nights..wears the necklace around her ankle for sleeps. Wow, she has improved out of sight!! She went from waking 2-6 tim...

Saturday 11 February 08:51am

bub12 replied to topic How do i prepare my 2yo for a baby?

double post...

Saturday 11 February 08:09am

bub12 replied to topic How do i prepare my 2yo for a baby?

We did the book,ultrasound and present thing. When people came to visit, we insisted they approach #1 child and make afuss over him instead of just focussing on the baby. We also referred to baby...

Saturday 11 February 08:09am

bub12 replied to topic Creative present ideas

a balloon folding kit. He can learn how to make balloon swords,animals and hats for the grandkids! He will be a hit at every children's party!!!

Wednesday 18 January 10:00am

bub12 replied to topic Issues with nana

Mine have never stayed overnight with anyone but us! However our circumstances are different. The child is yours, you decide what is reasonable and what is not. Whatever you decide, stick to it!...

Wednesday 18 January 09:42am

bub12 replied to topic residential stay mother baby unit at Masada in melbourne

My friend went there the year before last. At the age of 2 he is still the best sleeper in my mothers group!

Wednesday 18 January 07:32am

bub12 replied to topic how long ?


Tuesday 10 January 10:49am

bub12 replied to topic Please help

Some things you could try? - heat pack (wheat bag you heat in the microwave). Pick up bubs for a cuddle, and put heat pack in bed...remove it then put bubs to bed. - some children like to have mu...

Tuesday 10 January 10:42am

bub12 replied to topic Think ive created a baaaad habit

My friend did the chair thing with hers...may work for you? worth a try? - tell her you will sit on the chair until she has fallen asleep and then you will leave. Sit on the chair and do not make ...

Tuesday 10 January 10:28am

bub12 replied to topic Popping in to say hi!

yes that was is your little one going? I cannot wait for DD to sleep through instead of waking between 1-4 times a night! So exhausting when you cannot sleep during the day..

Tuesday 10 January 10:04am

bub12 replied to topic SIL

Thank you ladies! So nice to have a bit of support...I will talk to my bro!

Tuesday 10 January 09:35am

bub12 replied to topic why do we change after babies???

i think we change because we go from being individuals with all the time in the world for ourselves, spending money on ourselves guilt free and able to lead fairly selfish fun lives. when we becom...

Sunday 08 January 09:38am
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