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goldenjungle replied to topic Sleeping Through

Hi Joeyw, Sleeping through is technically 5hrs solid sleep. So your boy is certainly sleeping through. My boy's done it once and is 5mths, and it was bliss!! Maybe one day soon I'll get more th...

Saturday 03 June 05:16pm

goldenjungle replied to topic NAPPY RASY HELP!!!

My best advice is that if you are using wipes, stop using them for a week and see if that makes a difference. Lots of nasty stuff in wipes, and they leave a residue, which reacts with bubs bums, e...

Thursday 25 May 08:33am

goldenjungle started new topic Artificial Sweeteners in childrens medicine

Just a warning to all parents. Panadol, Nurofen, Dymadon, Dimetapp - all the childrens medicines that claim to be Sugar Free - all contain artificial sweeteners. No way am I putting that poison i...

Monday 08 May 05:54am
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