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Zoe_Bayno replied to topic intense misscariage

thanx everyone. it was very traumatising and scary because my sister haemorrhaged after giving birth to her baby and had to go into surgery and i was so worried about that happening and who would l...

Wednesday 31 October 12:32pm

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic How did you cope???

im sorry for everything your going through. ive lost 3 angels and have all been naturally. each time id lost an angel the doctor told me theres no need for a D&C unless the tissue and what not is n...

Tuesday 30 October 08:03pm

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic Me and My Boyfriend are becoming first time parents

Congrats when you become pregnant everyone around you seems to become an expert. the BEST advice i was ever given was "everyone can give you advice but do what works for you and when bub comes do ...

Tuesday 30 October 07:46pm

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic intense misscariage

when i see the gyno in a few days they are going to check to make sure all the tissue and everything came out and if not then they will do a D&C. i thought they would have done one aswel.

Tuesday 30 October 07:37pm

Zoe_Bayno started new topic intense misscariage

SORRY ITS A BIT LONG. hi, 3 weeks ago i had a misscariage at 9 weeks pregnant. i had spotting for 2 days but didnt think anything of it because id had spotting with DD, then the 3rd morning i woke ...

Tuesday 30 October 07:16pm

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic trouble eating

My daughter (exact same age) has been the same and has only just started eating some things she wouldnt before. but i took note at the things she would eat so i just fed her those and in her own ti...

Tuesday 30 October 06:48pm

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic food cravings

I usually don't really like sweet chilli sauce but I just want it on everything at the moment. I usually like sweet foods but I feel so yuck after having sweet food. I saw a mars bar while shopping...

Wednesday 03 October 12:30pm

Zoe_Bayno started new topic food cravings

im 7 weeks pregnant and am crazy about sweet chilli sauce. When pregnant with DD i started craving cinnomon donuts at about 8 weeks and BBQ sauce at about 12 weeks until she was born. but this ti...

Monday 01 October 02:07pm

Zoe_Bayno started new topic going back to work

Our DD has just turned 1 last week and im starting to want to go back to work so i can get out of the house and talk to other adults lol but i feel bad putting DD into day care, ive never really ha...

Monday 19 December 11:33pm

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic spotting/bleeding

i hope everything goes well with you pregnancy. my sister had bleeding through half her pregnancy and with each ultrasound bub was going well. make sure they check cord and placenta just to be sure...

Monday 19 December 11:15pm

Zoe_Bayno started new topic playgroups in inverell

hi, i have just moved to inverell and i dont know anyone with children here. the only people i know are my partners family. are there any play groups or mothers groups......anything i can take my 9...

Wednesday 14 September 12:58am

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic Anyone in Glen Innes or Inverell?

I may be moving to Glen Innes in the (hopefully) near future.....anyone around those areas??? hi, i recently moved to Inverell. i dont know anyone around here other than my partners family. i don...

Wednesday 14 September 12:55am

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic to stay or to go

my ex was the same and it had to end, they never change. the lies never stop. and its not fair on your children to see him come back then move out then come back and move out again. its hard i know...

Saturday 10 September 06:47am

Zoe_Bayno started new topic teething 8 month old???

hi, i think my DD is teething. she is up all night crying and screaming, wont sleep unless im holding her, cries most of the day. does this sound like teething? She has always slept in her cot with...

Friday 02 September 10:00pm

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic Advice needed please

yeah id get her checked out....i know my nephew gets sick after having too much sugar but having her eyes roll back thats a bit strange. hope she is ok

Friday 02 September 09:46pm

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic did you feel like this after a year of having your baby?

i know exactly how you feel. im the same way, they told me i had post natal depression but i dont think its gone as far as that. sometimes i think that because your emotional they just say its post...

Friday 02 September 09:41pm

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic Queston

we lost our baby at 8 weeks in 2009 and we were told by the doctor to wait 3 months which we did, i wasnt sure if i wanted to try again as i was scared of losing another but thankfully we were give...

Thursday 11 August 06:56pm

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic Support for bottle feeding mums

I agree, i so desperatly wanted to breast feed. i was only able to for 3 weeks before my milk dried up on its own. i spent the first week in hospital with DD as she lost too much weight and wasnt g...

Saturday 06 August 06:24am

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic Huggies $29

sorry where is this sale at? i must stock up at this price

Saturday 06 August 02:55am

Zoe_Bayno replied to topic Just had to let it out!

congrats! Yes dr will do blood test and will send you off to ultrasound (well thats what should do)Hope everything goes well for you

Thursday 04 August 05:26am
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