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Bronnie replied to topic married but feel like you are a single parent!

Awwww it sounds like you are having a really hard time. Sorry I can't really give any helpful advice but I can say that I feel for you and I hope things get better soon. My hubby is damn useless wh...

Friday 29 April 10:00am

Bronnie replied to topic sleeping and teething

I have been having the same trouble with my little man who is getting his first teeth. I have been using Weleda Teething Powder which is a homeopathic treatment for teething and so far has been gre...

Saturday 03 April 03:17pm

Bronnie replied to topic How to keep him covered?

My bub is also going through the same thing so my mother-in-law sewed up a sleepsuit that is basically a sleeping bag with arms. It is made from polar fleece fabric and is so cosy and warm. It butt...

Saturday 03 April 09:53am
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