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caraT replied to topic 5 1/2 month old waking at 3am

Poor thing, hope shes ok. Teething is the first thing that comes to mind. Kellymom seems to be a popular reference on this forum, here is a link

Wednesday 23 February 06:08am

caraT replied to topic Feeding 6 1/2mth old rice

You can get Farex cereal from the supermarket, its powdered rice which you mix with water or breast milk and you can also mix it with pureed fruit/veg. It has extra iron added which is important ...

Thursday 17 February 07:21am

caraT replied to topic had no morning sickness

I agree, have snacks throughout the day, I found that if I didn't eat (dammit so annoying cause i didnt feel like eating) I felt sicker. Lollies were good, you can keep them in your pocket at work!...

Wednesday 19 January 05:53am

caraT replied to topic Letdown sensation

My mum (51) told me the other day that she still gets the let down sensation and she hasn't breast feed in about 20 years! Weird huh? So I supposed this must be normal.

Tuesday 18 January 06:51pm

caraT replied to topic Breastfeeding - how many feeds does your 4m.o. have?

We are also on 5 a day (also 4mnths) shes happy, putting on weight, sleeping well etc

Tuesday 11 January 06:34am

caraT replied to topic Feeling a bit dejected about BF

Sounds like you could drop one BF?

Tuesday 11 January 06:30am

caraT replied to topic Breastfeeding to bottle

My bubs is the same, I have been trying to give her bottles since about 4 weeks (4 months now) and she wont drink more than 20mls before demanding boob lol and she just screams if other people try ...

Monday 10 January 10:21pm

caraT started new topic Sunscreen and eczema

Hi Ladies, Do you know if there are any brands of sunscreen that you can use with young bubs that doesn't react with their eczema? Cheers

Monday 10 January 07:59am
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