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~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic Helllllooooooo. Wonder how many oldies are still here? Or people that would remember me?

There's lots of names I recognise I'm going well. My last Bub was born on Nov 6th, he'll be 7 months on Thursday, growing and developing well, he's a really gorgeous and happy...

Monday 03 June 12:44pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ started new topic Helllllooooooo. Wonder how many oldies are still here? Or people that would remember me?

Just flying past today hello, and poke my ugly head in to see who is still here... So, hello!!!

Sunday 02 June 11:34pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic Bit of a poll...

6 5 boys, 1girl

Monday 12 November 08:54pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ started new topic 20 weeks already

Hi guys, well, I've reached 20weeks, and things have been a little challenging. I've had a couple of gushing bleeds, I have pre-eclampsia which I am on meds for. I've had a migraine for nearly 8 we...

Sunday 08 July 07:32pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic In shock, pregnant again already!!!

Congratulations!!! I have 23 months between 1 and 2, then 16 months between 2 and 3, it's a great gap!! I then had a 3yr 8 month gap before no4 came along, followed by #5 17 months later, number 6 ...

Thursday 14 June 08:47pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic Plane travel with a little one - any advice?

No tips but I'll be watching this thread with eagle eyes. I'll be doing monthly flights to QLD from the time bub is born, so any tips before I get to that stage will be handy!

Thursday 14 June 08:39pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic has anyone birthed alone/by themselves?

Bub no's 3 and 5 were hospital births without a support person, and to be honest I found it better. I wasn't worried about them seeing me in so much pain, I wasn't worried about them feeling helple...

Thursday 14 June 08:34pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic Autism - DD2

I just want to say, this IS NOT your fault, You have not failed her. YES, your DD is PERFECT, she is beautiful, she is smart. This diagnosis is the start - its the start of the rest of her life ...

Saturday 26 May 09:11pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic HI!

Ricki - WOW!!!! This will be number 6 yes? I will be sending you PINK vibes as I'm sure your DD would love a sister with all those brothers around her! lol! Are you going to find out before bubs i...

Thursday 24 May 06:40pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic HI!

Just thought I would pop in and let those that are asking about me know that... yes.... I am still alive and kicking! It was nice to hear that I have been missed. So.... what have I missed s...

Thursday 24 May 01:47am

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic The Wiggles news - what do you think?

I think its all turned to crap since Greg came back they will remain involved with the Wiggles - its too profitable to walk away entirely. BUT I also think there will be a heap of kids being bor...

Friday 18 May 06:52pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic 2200+ profile views

Wait til the gossip comes out about how the pregnancy happened (Well, not the 'juicy bits'), and what's happened since! I swear Home and Away look to my life for story lines!!! LMAO Life throws us...

Friday 18 May 05:57am

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic 12w scan pics

Those pics are just gorgeous... so precious! Glad all is ok now after your scare Thankyou I'm pretty relieved too Oh my GOD Ricki, I could just about cry those pics are so amazing. Love pic ...

Thursday 17 May 10:00pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic 2200+ profile views

And now you have another one Your profile is not very exciting but I always recognise your name. You are one of these people where if you post or reply something it is usually worth reading. ...

Thursday 17 May 09:55pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ started new topic 2200+ profile views

WHY? LMAO Seriously, I'm not that exciting!

Thursday 17 May 09:39pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic Braxton Hicks..

first 3 babies, the first hint of a contraction was when I was in labour 4th, I had BH from about 20 weeks, going into labour at 28w, 32, and 34 weeks, which they were able to stop medically 5th I ...

Thursday 17 May 08:52pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ started new topic 12w scan pics

I had a 12w scan on Monday, and these are some of the pics. Was very relieved to see a happy healthy baby, after having some bleeding the night before. At 4w5d I had a scan that didn't even show a ...

Thursday 17 May 08:49pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic I have my scan today

Aville2011 Glad your pregnancy is going well. So an update on my doctors appointment yesterday for those interested. My doctor was happy with scan results and HCG result from Tuesday was 55599...

Saturday 12 May 07:05pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic More worried about 1st birth or later births?

I am crapping myself with the thought of labour this time. My last was an 18min labour - he was out at 16min, and weighed 10lb 12oz I went into shock afterwards, and had huge problems with my blood...

Saturday 12 May 07:00pm

~Ricki~tribe~of~6~ replied to topic Giving birth second time round !

My second was my favourite labour of the 5, and he was 1.5kg heavier than the first. It was also my longest labour at 7hrs, and the easiest labour of all 5. #1, 1hr 30min labour, 5weeks prem, drug...

Saturday 12 May 06:56pm
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