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moregold replied to topic Do you ever really get over PND?

Hi you guys, I have been hovering around the very fine line that is PND on one side and exhastion on the other. It all depends on how well my baby is going as to whether I feel OK or not. This ha...

Wednesday 23 July 02:37pm

moregold replied to topic Deciding on another baby!

I have a two and ahalf year age gap between mine (I have 2 children) and the first was a dream, the second a nightmare (he's six months now). Personnally, I figure between two and three years was ...

Wednesday 23 July 02:28pm

moregold replied to topic when your baby say mummy or daddy..

My little girl said mamma first quite clearly and around the six month mark (maybe a little after, but before seven months) but my boy whos is now six months says da da and has absolutely no intent...

Wednesday 23 July 02:20pm

moregold replied to topic reflux baby - 6 1/2 months - 6.8kg

I also have a 6 month old reflux baby. He is quite big (was 4.5kg at birth anyway) but I ahve also noticed that weight gain has slowed considerably in the last 6 weeks. He is very active now, tho...

Wednesday 23 July 11:21am
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