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Rykin88 started new topic Immunisations

Hey. My son is rather behind on his immunisations, had booked them in for monday, however he has come down with the flu. What do i do? i have heard that u dont do it when they are sick... please help

Sunday 24 July 03:18am

Rykin88 replied to topic Gallbladder Removal Surgery

thanks guys one other thing though, im a bit worried about, is ive heard that u can put on alot of weight afterwards? is this true? im not small as it is, i really dont want to put on anymore. it...

Wednesday 23 March 11:53pm

Rykin88 started new topic Gallbladder Removal Surgery

hi! i had my second baby 6 wks ago via c section. about 5 days ago i woke up early morning with extreme pain in my back right around to my front on the right side. went to the hospital, and i only ...

Thursday 17 March 11:02am

Rykin88 started new topic Normal Bleeding After C section?

hey its been nearly 4 wks since i had my second baby via elective c section, and im still bleeding quite a bit. when i left the hospital it was going away, and since ive been home it fades out the...

Sunday 27 February 11:31am

Rykin88 started new topic Help Changing details?

How do u change the "im expecting' thing on your profile? bub was born 2 weeks ago n i cant quite figure it out lol

Wednesday 16 February 11:42pm

Rykin88 replied to topic How to Post Your Birth Announcement

Lachlan Reece Joshua was born 2nd feb 2011! 3980gms, 52cm long and hc 36cms born via c section...

Wednesday 16 February 11:38pm

Rykin88 started new topic Unappreciated....

Hi... I really just dont know what to think or feel anymore lately, just need someone to talk to. My man and I have been together for nearly 4 yrs and our son just turned 3. I am also 34weeks with ...

Tuesday 28 December 10:19am

Rykin88 started new topic Toddler and Newborn

Hey. Im really worried about how my 3yr old son is going to be when we bring home a new baby. He is used to being the centre of attention, as he was the 1st new baby in the family (there has since ...

Saturday 16 October 12:02pm
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